Blocs and Bootstrap 5 question

I heard that Bootstrap 5 is already around the corner and I would like to know how Blocs will evolve when implementing B5, how powerful Blocs will be with B5? is it going to be even easier for none coders t build websites with Blocs? Will Blocs be Catalina ONLY exclusive or it will also support older version of mac os x?

I saw a list of all the expected changes:

  • Removing jQuery
  • Dropping support for IE 10 & 11
  • Custom SVG icon library
  • Switching to Hugo from Jekyll
  • Major Javascript updates
  • Minor CSS and class updates and fixes

Thanks! @Norm

Bootstrap 5 is starting to look great from what I have read.

I don’t think a beta has even been released yet has it? Alpha 4 was the last I saw, could be wrong. It could be further out than expected.

There is a alpha1 of B5 available.

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Oh yeah lol. I must have skim read “Bootstrap Icons Alpha 4” as a BS5 Alpha release :flushed: :sweat_smile:

It was in the Blog of the Get BS site.

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Anything that drops support for IE gets my vote. The rest sounds OK as well.


@Norm inquired a year and a half ago around the time when they mentioned Bootstrap 5, so one can assume that when its ready it will be tightly integrated into Blocs app.

Since its just the next progression of Bootstrap, it will be more about how Blocs app itself evolves in the next version. Regarding overall workflow, features, ui, etc., not so much relative to Bootstrap but the actual app progression itself.

But yes Bootstrap v5 is advancing nicely, here you can find the nightly build of Bootstrap v5, docs etc.,

Sure Bootstrap 5 will be supported, I’m hoping to offer a framework selection for V4, V5 etc.

If Blocs v4 comes out before BS5 is out of Beta it may have some kind of warning popup if you choose to build a site with it, until it’s a public release.

The Blocs project migrate function from v4 to v5 may also come once Bootstrap v5 has fully shipped.

The first alpha for BS5 just dropped, so I’ll most likely start implementing parts next week.


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