Blocs and MacOS Sonoma - Report Issues Here

MacOS Sonoma is being released today and I’m sure many of you are eager to install it.

Yesterday, we released Blocs V5.1.3 which includes a range of fixes and tweaks for this new version of MacOS.

Obviously we can’t check every part of an app as big and complex as Blocs, so if you do come across anything strange or broken, please report it here with as much detail as possible.

Our aim is to get the next beta out in a few days to begin patching any missed issues.


As reported earlier, scrolling with the mouse on the canvas still does not work smooth, when you have blocs with background images set to parallax.

Also when you have no background images but a class for a bloc with an image set to fixed the same happens.

Not sure this is specific to Sonoma, but I noticed last night that page previews in the side panel are very out of date. On the project I was looking at it was still showing an old menu layout that hadn’t been in place for about a week. I will be working on this project today in Sonoma, so I should be able to tell you more later.

If you use the parallax this should not be fixed. The fix is to disable in app for the time being.

Try leaving the page navigation visible next time you edit the same.

I had used the OffCanvas custom bric in the global area, then removed it, however it still shows in the preview.

EDIT: Curiously I am reviewing this again and the first page updated correctly but not later pages that still show the custom bric.

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When using the Bric Builder, add a slider element, then delete the value, Blocs will crash :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


Not even going to update my MAC for a while. Probably the safest thing to do. :slight_smile:

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UI bug when you collapse interactions. (the other sections seem to collapse and expand ok.)

CleanShot 2023-09-29 at 04.56.23@2x

Clicking off the element and back on, interactions is expanded, it hasn’t remembered it was collapsed.

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Its actually pretty good I have found.

A few quirks in Blocs right now, but that can be expected. All my other apps are good except 1!

I think you use Forklift right? Version 3 doesn’t seem to work anymore, the app runs, but you can’t make a connection to a web server. I updated to v4, and it’s running well (better than its beta’s that’s for sure).

Using Somona can help ensure apps are stable, by using them and reporting back to the dev.


Beta coming tomorrow will more fixes.

That depends on your provider.
Ionos works great but 1Blu(German provider) doesn’t.

With Forklift ?

Thanks, Pete
I do use ForkLift 4.

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I can not recall if this was the previous behaviour. If you untick something, say Add Bloc, it doesn’t save that state for future sessions. It resets to ticked?

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I tested it again and yes, Ionos works with Forklift 3, 1blu doesn’t.

Right. I tried with a few different hosts that clients use, and same issue. Oh well, 4 is great, I like it.

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I saw that Fetch still works. It’s ancient and pretty simple, but really is the FTP app that will always connect and been going since 1989!

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Noticed some strange things on export. This my first time exporting since Somona. First time around, the includes folder was missing, next a font folder, then it did something weird by duplicating a folder used for urls.

5th time, it seems to be working at the moment :grimacing:

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Commodore 128, Dial-up connection, playing Elite.
Those were the days :older_woman:

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