Blocs, brics and .... premade html widgets


Ok so the compiler still needs work, I’ll post the custom bric for this tomorrow.


I am not a coder. I know a little about HTML, but CSS and JS isn’t my thing (yet). I know EW isn’t responsive. One of the reasons to choose for Blocs. But it would be great if there could be a little more EW into Blocs for people who don’t have any knowledge of coding. And yes, code quality need to comes first. You are the expert, so maybe you can find a way in future updates.

I guess with the new Developer API, smart guys will make custom Blocs, which the want to sell to other Blocs users. In my opinion if you say: “Cleverly designed to accommodate complete beginners or those familiar with web design.” then beginners shouldn’t need to buy a video course first to know how Blocs should be used (besides the free basic video’s supplied when you buy the app), need to buy custom build Blocs or need to search for all coding solutions to get things done. This is positive criticism no bashing or something like that. The more I “play” with this app and read this forum, the more options I discover. So keep up the good work. I am looking forward and very curious to the Blocs 3 app you mentioned before!



I’m looking forward to your solution to freely move objects to an extent. I would also like to see some type of Layering so you can place boxes over boxes with text over those boxes and change the fill, stroke and transparency on any of those objects. Would be great to even have a tool to draw boxes for that purpose and possibly later on other shapes to follow.

I would also like to see a menu brick that goes all the way across the screen without being attached to the nav block as an additional option.


Couldn’t agree more…Musethemes has over 200 widgets and templates for 70-80 bucks a year. They are yours if you cancel. Some individual Brics have been priced at nearly half the price of the Blocs app itself.

if Blocs is to be a smashing success it will have to beat out a lot of competition. A “can do attitude” and actually “doing it” is everything. I hope when pricing Brics this is taken into consideration.


I am fascinated with blocs and the brics that they have created, but I would also like to see more integrations for designer, it would be interesting if you could integrate the widgets from muse to blocs (I have too many), to use them would be a great advantage, for those who do not know to program.


Uh Uh yes… some widgets to add, that could be cool, save so much time, especially for non coders. :heart_eyes:
In Adobe MUSE they also had these type of widgets. just drag and drop some cool stuff.