Blocs, brics and .... premade html widgets


Ok so the compiler still needs work, I’ll post the custom bric for this tomorrow.


I am not a coder. I know a little about HTML, but CSS and JS isn’t my thing (yet). I know EW isn’t responsive. One of the reasons to choose for Blocs. But it would be great if there could be a little more EW into Blocs for people who don’t have any knowledge of coding. And yes, code quality need to comes first. You are the expert, so maybe you can find a way in future updates.

I guess with the new Developer API, smart guys will make custom Blocs, which the want to sell to other Blocs users. In my opinion if you say: “Cleverly designed to accommodate complete beginners or those familiar with web design.” then beginners shouldn’t need to buy a video course first to know how Blocs should be used (besides the free basic video’s supplied when you buy the app), need to buy custom build Blocs or need to search for all coding solutions to get things done. This is positive criticism no bashing or something like that. The more I “play” with this app and read this forum, the more options I discover. So keep up the good work. I am looking forward and very curious to the Blocs 3 app you mentioned before!



I’m looking forward to your solution to freely move objects to an extent. I would also like to see some type of Layering so you can place boxes over boxes with text over those boxes and change the fill, stroke and transparency on any of those objects. Would be great to even have a tool to draw boxes for that purpose and possibly later on other shapes to follow.

I would also like to see a menu brick that goes all the way across the screen without being attached to the nav block as an additional option.


Couldn’t agree more…Musethemes has over 200 widgets and templates for 70-80 bucks a year. They are yours if you cancel. Some individual Brics have been priced at nearly half the price of the Blocs app itself.

if Blocs is to be a smashing success it will have to beat out a lot of competition. A “can do attitude” and actually “doing it” is everything. I hope when pricing Brics this is taken into consideration.


I am fascinated with blocs and the brics that they have created, but I would also like to see more integrations for designer, it would be interesting if you could integrate the widgets from muse to blocs (I have too many), to use them would be a great advantage, for those who do not know to program.


Uh Uh yes… some widgets to add, that could be cool, save so much time, especially for non coders. :heart_eyes:
In Adobe MUSE they also had these type of widgets. just drag and drop some cool stuff.


Blocs desperately needs an image with a text and tint overlay that can change when rollovered and act as a link.
So many pages use this and I cant believe it hasn’t been implemented in Blocs


The Blocs store launches next week with a bric that does exactly this :sunglasses:


Brilliant !! I I have been doing it with CSS and HTML but it gets messy. Thank you very much !


It has a very small price tag but it has some snazzy options.

Flipping / replacing / swapping blocs

Wish it was next week already!


Any chance that new store will have a MARKDOWN bric in it, I need one desperately! There is a stack on RW called Scribe that would be a fantastic addition to Blocs. I like the idea of not having to create separate paragraph elements and being able to inline images!

Making a formal outline in Blocs? -- SOLVED

I think I found 3 Options to solve your problem…


  1. Open word or pages, and save your work in docx format…
  2. Go to THIS website and upload your file created in point 1
  3. Copy the content from the left box when created. NOTE: DONT USE THE COPY TO CLIBBOARD BUTTON AS IT NOT COPY THE ENTIRE CODE.
  4. Download THIS (MACDOWN APP) software.
  5. When you copy the text from point 3 and past it into the software in point 4, then go to File - > Export -> HTML
  6. Download THIS (BRACKETS APP) software.
  7. Open the HTML file you create in point 5.
  8. Copy the code from inside.
  9. Paste it in HTML Bric in Blocs.


  1. Open word or pages, and save your work in docx format…
  2. Download THIS (TEXTS APP) software.
  3. When you open it it will ask for Pandoc, allow to install it, it will redirect to THIS (PANDOC EXTENSION) page.
  4. Open TEXTS APP you installed in step 2.
  5. Go to File-> Import -> Word (docx) the file you create in Step 1.
  6. Go to File -> Export -> HTML Page.
  7. Download THIS (BRACKETS APP) software.
  8. Open the HTML file you create in point 6.
  9. Copy the code from inside.
  10. Paste it in HTML Bric in Blocs.


  1. Download THIS plug in. (WRITAGE PLUG IN)
  2. Create your file normally in WORD and then Choose «Save as…» command and choose «Markdown» from «Save as type» field
  3. Download THIS (MACDOWN APP) software.
  4. Open the file you create in point 2.
  5. Go to File - > Export -> HTML
  6. Download THIS (BRACKETS APP) software.
  7. Open the HTML file you create in point 5.
  8. Copy the code from inside.
  9. Paste it in HTML Bric in Blocs.

Hope it will help you…

Blocs 3 Numbered List

Oh man !! Another one of my ideas in development…

I thought the idea of the Blocs store was to allow devs to create custom brics to offer to the community. Business101: In order for the community to grow, devs have to be given the opportunity to make a living & sell their wares and not be undercut by the main product.



I think @norm already touched upon it in your previous thread.

Basic CSS hovers seem to equate to simple tasks, for instance.

It’s his app & his company, so business 101 seems like it would give @norm the opportunity to offer what he pleases at his discretion and with precedence. Plus developers should have more aptitude beyond a simple CSS hover if they are hoping to supplement their living. Ingenuity and diverse offerings will be what allows the community to grow and differentiate developers offerings.

The Blocs Store is still yet to launch but we are already concerned about who should be allowed to make a simple CSS hover? Seems rather negligible in the grand scheme of things regarding Blocs and the vast opportunities for developers concerning the API.


@Pealco I already write all of my markdown in MACDOWN app, plus much of the content in my existing websites is written in markdown so some of these steps have already been covered. But thanks for the feedback I will look into converting the markdown to HTML.

But it seems it would be SO much easier to just have a markdown bric, especially if It supported some of the features supported by other markdown stacks I have used in Rapidweaver where a markdown file can be used to populate the stack. This effectively allows me to modify the content without having to touch anything in the site as I just edit the file and then upload the changes to the site and it shows up with the changes.

I will try out your idea to see how it works as it would save me a huge amount of time seeing as I already have most of my textual content in markdown format, thanks!


Hey bill, you’ve had a while to make this, you could have created this Bric last year (all the functionality existed then) so I’m afraid you snooze you loose.

Apple make a number of free and paid apps for their products, it doesn’t stop others creating similar (better/worse) alternatives.

And to be honest, I’ve been dying to build with the API. I’ve made close to 20 new Brics for the store to help kick start it’s launch.



Well basic depends on the users skill set and knowledge of css. To you I’m sure it’s a basic css hover, but to many others, the knowledge to do this would be on the more advanced side of things.

Value comes from the fact, this Bric makes the task of adding this type of effect very fast and easily repeatable with a few clicks.


Fun thread, …and yes I have the same bric one my board :wink:

@Bill, think big picture here. Now that @Norm is building brics using the API that means API development is going to skyrocket! That will ultimately be better for us. We may even get a release candidate much sooner. Right now the api is still in alpha!

My plan was (and still is). Wait till the api is out of alpha to invest any more time than I already do. By that time Norm will have full-filled his promise of simple brics.

Just food for thought… If you rely long term on an alpha product you’ll need to be very flexible and thick-skinned. So much can change that will require you to make adjustments on the fly, including product strategy.

Finally, I hope this doesn’t mean that anyone thinks if they build a bric first then others can’t build it because that’s a bad assumption. Especially if you’re using an open source library. Someone might may prefer my file size, or custom styles or my support offerings. Seek to deliver on those things and you’ll most likely be okay. :smile:


well said!

Im hoping to have the Blocs API out of alpha and into beta very soon. You’re absolutely right. Now I have time to build with it, Im able to fill in the blanks.