Blocs, brics and .... premade html widgets


I feel you may have slightly taken my singular use of the word ‘basic’ out of context with your response. It was in no way diminishing your forthcoming offerings, instead merely emphasizing towards developers given the entirety of my response towards the subject matter.

I trust the Blocs Store will offer definitive value with both free and paid items allowing additional features to users through ease of use. Helping to allow users easy implementation of additional features both basic and advanced, free and paid, along with competitive alternatives. All advancing the cause for Blocs and its users.

This was discussed in that previous thread also. It appears the fun it just now about to begin.


Any link to the blocs store ?


It’s coming this week…I suspect this is the URL?






Couldn’t help myself…:wink:



Just release it norm!! That way I dont have to refresh every ten minutes


@cableguy30 no need to refresh, you already have a countdown:


@norm must have just added the countdown. Once I busted the store local (tough to figure out) I must have put a little added pressure on the main man. :rofl::rofl::rofl:



I guess @Norm that the countdown bric will be in the as well :smiley:


LOL no this is a wordpress site! wtf Norm lol


Yeah the Store is a custom theme running on WP, this platform made sense as its easier to maintain for this type of setup, static would take too long to maintain and manage.

But I’ll let you into a little secret. The version of Blocs that runs on my Mac exports to Wordpress Themes…


It’s not really a secret now.


Yeah, a secret between me and all of the Blocs forum members :rofl:


So there will be a Wordpress Bric available in the Blocs store as you had previously discussed?

Is that the secret. :wink:


I’ve already said too much.

Lets focus on the store again :wink:


WOW!! BLOCS is about to EXPLODE!!!


Yeah there is some pretty cool stuff coming.



Will Blocs eventually be able to facilitate and gather the data from the store and return results into the app, verse just supplying a link with the need to re-search the store? So users know if something relative actually exists and provide direct links to the items in the store.


Yeah at some point. It’ll also link to missing Brics too.


@Norm has the store countdown timer stopped or is my anticipation making me think it’s not moving. :rofl::rofl::rofl: