Blocs, brics and .... premade html widgets



This is what I see :sunglasses:


Weird mine is stopped as well! seeing same time as yesterday after refreshing same thing must be a bad wordpress plugin lol




That will certainly be more beneficial to users in app and would facilitate more sales in the store.

More store talk.

What is the licensing for items in the store? It appears it will be pretty lenient once purchased, given this comment about using items in templates and then reselling.

Will this hold true for all developer items (free/paid) concerning licensing of purchased items from the store? It appears once purchased items can be used unlimited in personal and client work, including items for resell?


It’s down to the author of the content. We use the term store in a very loose manner, the store doesn’t actually handle transactions or take a cut from developers, it’s more a platform for connecting Blocs users with those developing 3rd party content.

What we have on day 1 is a starting point basically.


Ok, licensing will certainly be a factor and relative too many things I’m sure licensing will likewise sadly be abused by some regardless. Good to know though.


countdown is over and no sign of store yet…


It seems that everything has been a montage of @Norm to see if we were attentive to their publications … … hahahaha

@Norm has a good sense of humor

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Parece que todo ha sido un montaje de @Norm para ver si estábamos atentos a sus publicaciones …… jajajaja

@Norm tiene buen sentido del humor


Just doing a few last minutes checks it be live later today.


Hi @Norm

Morning, afternoon, evening ? :wink:

I am just desperate to get my hands on the SVG bric for my icons.



just wonder how frequent will the store gets updated?
love to see more brics added and at affordable price.


Here it is: New Bric: Markdown Parser


Awesome, just bought the bric, thanks for putting this together, will be putting it to use right away!