BLocs compatible with MOOM

Blocs is currently the only app I have that does not work with MOOM:
Moom is a screen control utility that allows you to move and resize windows similar to Magnet. Working with multiple displays it is convenient, and a time saver.
Simalr to this request

I’ll be fixing this in Blocs 3, it’s becUse the Blocs window is a custom window not a standard MacOS one.


Just floating an idea here, but I wonder if there might be any advantage in enabling Blocs to work across two displays.

Live preview would be nice, but often it needs to be viewed in a browser to see some elments, or even post export.

I gather Norm is working on another app that can be placed side by side with Blocs to provide live previews. That’s actually a terrific example of where two monitors might be useful. A New Tool That Works With Blocs