Blocs for Emailing/Newsletter purposes

I was wondering if blocs is a suitable app for newsletter pieces building.
I know the css must be included in the header but the responsive capabilities could work for that purpose?
Anyone tried this before or know another app for mailing similar to blocs?
I tried Mailify, befree, 365 designer pro and a bunch more
What do you think guys?

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If you are speaking of creating an HTML email campaign with Blocs, then no. It was discussed previously here in this thread: HTML Email .

I know, I was wondering if anyone knows an app similar to blocs for that job. Some one are online tools and with a fee, other are awful apps that flatten texts with the background. I am looking for an app were I can only create the responsive html and then use Mailchimp or another service to do the mailing.

I use MJML using their free App. It can create some of the best looking and behaving emails but does take a bit of time to understand it. You can chose a template that you like the layout of and then by looking carefully at the code, it is not too difficult to work out where to paste your text into and how to use your images.

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Ok sorry, it did not sound like it given the way you worded things in your question.

In the link provided @webdeersign also previously discussed MJML.

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I will give it a try. I recently purchased Dragon Red and its a very limited tool, you can’t even set a text as bold so im looking for a good choice

I still use the old Mail Designer Pro 3 app for that.

I tried, but mail designer is awful and it flattens the text when you place it over an image, resulting in more image files and lower quality. Its a “compensed responsive” app