Blocs for iPad Beta Feedback

Please leave your feedback for the Blocs beta in this thread. Although I may not reply to all comments, I’ll check it every few days.

Thanks for helping to test Blocs for iPad :sunglasses:


The first minor thing I have found is when you insert a text header, usually the first letter of any text added is capitalized in Blocs on the Mac. Well, not in the iPad version.
Can’t seem to use Apple pencil? If I try and draw or write anything, the blocs page moves around? Perhaps I am not in the correct area to use AP?

Rich the Weather Guy

Did you put it in drawing mode? It’s the pen scribble icon in the left sidebar:


And the icon below activates the draw UI for elements.

Annotate is pretty cool, I hope it finds its way to the Mac version.

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Curious, I get capitals. Do you have text transform style applied somewhere to lowercase text?

The iPad Scribble feature could turn out to be very handy. The difficulty I experienced was in the code editor, mainly because it wants to use capital letters, is there any control over this @Norm , or is it all OS?

Oppss…my mistake. I did not. Thank you


Nope. Using a blank page…so nothing is set up.

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Possibly, I’ll take a look.

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I know a few folks have had issues with font selections causing crashes. This is now fixed and will be included in the next beta build.


Not sure if a bug or a structural choice, but when I select any bloc, there’s no color picker for the background in the inspector.

Global Swatch tab, it’s the next section down.


Thanks, that must’ve been muscle memory interfering :stuck_out_tongue:

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Got a funny one here. Blocs decided to crash without any reason as I was not doing anything :smiley:. For a split second, it shows a message “Crash Sorry” and all images disappear without actually crashing.

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was Blocs in the background or upfront on the iPad?

That’s a good question which I can’t answer… :thinking: We’ll have to wait for the next ‘crash’.
At least Blocs said sorry! :grinning:

I saw something similar when I jumped into a copy of one of my projects.

On Mac:

On iPad:

The Images are all shown in the asset manager though :man_shrugging:t5:

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When you tap preview does the image show?

No, and neither does it show in the browser. The project is saved on a different folder on iCloud Drive instead of the Blocs App Folder.
I haven’t saved anything on the iPad so I’ll see what happens when I save a temp project and open it on the Mac.

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Replacing the Image on the iPad works fine and shows correctly on the Mac with all the other images.

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