Blocs for iPadOS

Would love to have this app on the iPad. Definitely with the new 2020 iPad Pro’s with the new keyboard with trackpad would be a dream to use! Since there is now mouse, keyboard, and track support, we can use app’s just like we do on a desktop or laptop. I see many apps that can take advantage of what’s coming in iPadOS 13.4 and sure a lot of things will make the iPad a more capable device that will take it one step further in becoming a laptop replacement. Can’t wait to see what iPadOS 14 will bring to the table in terms of keyboard, mouse and trackpad support as well!

I’ve been waiting for the day to finally move from a MacBook to an iPad. The iPad is starting to become the perfect device for me which will replace my MacBook.

With that being said, I would hope to see this come true!


True even a little bit simpler version that could sync projects with macos version would be nice. A lot my work is to “sketch” a project, and move around the content. Ipad is great for that.

Another vote for this; also syncing with MacOS version would be a bonus. Simple swapping between Custom Blocs between platforms would be amazing as well.

Those doing professional video work have already made the move from the beloved MacBook Pro to the iPad Pro because it does the job better. I know, it sounds weird, but it’s true. Same with many graphics designers. I would think your wish will be coming true very soon, as Apple moves away from Intel to ARM processors this coming year.

Did you add your wish to the Blocs 4 Wish List?

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