Blocs for Mac V5.2.1 Beta Build 1

Just in time for the weekend and hot off the press, here is the first beta of Blocs for Mac V5.2.1. There is a fix for the layer tree in this release that has potential to cause new problems :exploding_head:, so keep an eye out for missing layers in the layer tree.

Have a great weekend and have fun testing.

Download Blocs V5.2.1 beta Build 1


Thanks @Norm. :pray:t3:

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Don’t thank me until you have tried it! :sweat_smile:


I did and it works! :tada::pizza:


Also on your intel :smiling_imp:?

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An unusual flickering occurs when the code editor is closed using the close button :red_circle:. :christmas_tree:

Small Potato Ltd2023-12-16 at 06.24.47

Added fonts are not exported in this version. :thinking:

Small Potato Ltd2023-12-16 at 09.13.15

Which font is this and when you say added do you mean added via font manager during design or just applied in a class and then exported?

Any locally installed font is not exported when used in the class editor. When applied in the Type Settings menu in the inspector it exports as expected.

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There are several problems with the list structure and navigation. The layer tree is missing and the list elements cannot be edited.

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Is this the older project you sent me?

Yes. However, I tried on 3 different projects and had the same outcome so it seems not project-related.

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Any progress of fixing colours in the code for wide gamut displays?

Hi @Norm great update .

Just a couple of things on the Horizontal scroll which is a huge addition in my view to Blocs and hoping this will progress or further scrolling additions could be added to blocs, but here are some things I would like to be brought in to enhance this if possible and some issues I have found:

  1. On clicking say the right arrow with several items, when it gets to the last one the arrow is still showing making the user keep clicking to see if anything is there. Yes if you come off and go back on, this then disappears and the left arrow is only showing. But I have always had this kind of scroll that when you get to the end, the scroll control on that side vanishes to show you have got to the end. I have a few old sites that did this well on another platform and would love to do this in Blocs.

  2. On clicking the scroll controls I require a double click every few presses to make it move to the next one, seems a little clunky at times.

  3. Can we have an option to have different SVGs out of the box for not just a circle, but 3 or 4 more options and arrow sizes. I know one of my clients just prefers a left or right arrow. This out of the box will be brilliant.

  4. If I do a row offset for 50% on the left (showing products on half the page, but have it scroll over the whole left side) when I click on the right arrow, I would like the products/image to move one at a time - but it shoots over fully to the left showing lots of items. Can this be done so they can move 1 image/products per click?

  5. I love the selectors on the left and right - but like apples website, is there a way it could be done where the selectors are under the products and option of left, right, central. Think this will be brilliant out of the box.

  6. Lastly…any chance of infinite scroll?

Thanks @Norm and hope you do not mind my comments.

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Not for me…
Small Potato 2023-12-16 at 20.40.29

All your other requests are to me for a custom Bric. Some of your ideas have already been shared on the forum. Maybe @Jannis, @PeteSharp, @Jerry or @Bill are keen on building something (or not) based on your suggestions. Talking for myself, I don’t see the business model yet and it will definitely not be a free Bric.

Some of those things are addressed in the docs

It’s not a fix more a new feature request. But no no progress on adding support for that.

It does when you click on the arrow/right - swiping is fine left and right is nice as you are doing its, when you click on the arrow it still shows even when you click still.

Yes it would be nice as a custom bric - this this is nearly there. I guess this is purely using Bootstrap…but hoped with some tweaks under the bonnet this could be made. If not - then guess using what we have will work.

Yeah - this is why I am hoping what we have could be tweaked to offer more options. I don’t see anyone doing a bric when this one is 90% there.

Out of everything updated recently the horizontal scroll is one I am so happy to see more than anything as believe this is long over due and very much welcomed from @Norm.

If it can’t be modified then it can’t.

Like anything in Blocs, you get the core elements, which you can then style. Moving the arrows and styling them is easily done in the class editor.


Changing the size, will require using the code editor though as its using scale, which isn’t in the class editor yet. Hopefully we get more style options in the editor.


It can.

And thanks for the feedback. Always nice to hear your thoughts :raised_hands:.

  1. Think I can tweak that.

  2. Depends on content size and screen size, but I’ll look to improve the calculations here.

  3. No, it’s unlikely I’ll add that. Right now it’s an svg chevron that can be styled using the class editor, with the svg controls. The circle is pure css so again can be edited with classes.

What I will do is get some better help docs for deeper customisation and possibly add some alternative control shapes, squares etc.

  1. Again it depends on item width and browser screen width. There is no perfect solution here. You’ll find 100% width items work best for this use case.

  2. It’s a job for the class editor.

  3. This almost made it in the release, but it’s complex, unless setup is specific sizes and item count it’s not going to work correctly. This one’s a maybe.