Blocs for Mac V5.2 Beta Build 11 😅

Here it is, the last beta of November. This is Blocs for Mac V5.2 beta build 11 with more fixes and improvements for you wonderful people to help test.

Happy testing :raised_hands:

Download Blocs V5.2.0 beta Build 11


Hey @Norm

When adding children to Page Lock, it’s pushing central content below the lower divider line - shouldn’t anything added to the edit window just keep expanding the middle area?



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Do you have any styling that would hide the overflow or alter the positioning of the Brics content?

No overflows in styling and major outer divs are display:block;position:relative I wonder if this has always been this way & I just found it, but I know I’ve added two users before in testing and it displayed as expected. There’s text not showing and version number not coming in, just bizarre stuff. Since I can’t inspect the css in edit mode, I’m blind on what is causing this stuff.

It seems the dom isn’t respecting the height of the elements - I wonder if setting a height to force center area down - I’ll try that, but that’s just a temp hack and shouldn’t be necessary.
(Update: height hack didn’t work, just forced it down & made overlap worse)


I’ll take a look today.


Also, is there a limit to the number of storeCustomBricTemplateVal ?
I tried adding one today & it doesn’t work in a regular custom bric, I think this makes 47 of them.


Form button styling is living its own life. Randomly Blocs decides on the smaller breakpoints only to change the setting of its class to the the global setting on hover only.

In the inspector, it shows reversed. The font shown is Worksans Medium. However, it’s crossed out and is according to the inspector Worksans regular which is wrong.

When checking :hover it shows the opposite in the inspector. However, the font in the button is a Serif font. :melting_face: :

From here the real fun starts on the M1. Blocs keep crashing without any warning continuously. Two Apple crash reports here: (22.3 KB)

Why can’t we use undo in Page Settings? :thinking:

Is the crash happening in preview mode with the inspector open?

No, It happens when the class editor is open and trying to find out what’s going on.

Could you please share the project with me so I can take a look?

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Hey, @Norm. Rather out of interest than anything else.

I’m turning an SVG into a button by adding the Bootstrap class .btn. When doing a preview and re-opening the code widget Blocs has added the .blocs-button class. However, when adding a regular button I’m not seeing this class added. :thinking:

Small Potato 2023-12-06 at 18.31.36

Just checked this going back to Blocs V3 on running on MacOS Ventura. My guess is that something changed recently at the OS level that’s caused this.

I’ll see whats up.

I’d need to check, it could be something internal used for reference.

I’m still unable to crash Blocs using your project. Im not sure if this is consistent for you?

Regarding the font issues, it looks like you have the Worksands-regular font set on every breakpoint in the h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,p,label,.btn,a.

But the form-button is only set on the LG and MD breakpoint so on the lower breakpoints, it’s using the h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,p,label,.btn,a class font rule.

I discovered this by checking the classes for each breakpoint using the reorder feature.

You can also use the !important option in the class editor on your form-button class, this will force the font and also fix the issue.

Hey Bill,

I’ve looked into this and it looks like you have a Blocs container nested in some PHP code.

As PHP support for custom Brics is limited and won’t render on the Blocs design environment and is instead represented by a php snippet box (which has a set height of 40px) the html content within this php is is being displayed but its height is not part of the calculation of the overall Bric.

You will find in the next beta this overflow is now hidden which means your content area will not show at all as it will be hidden within the 40px height of the php snippet box.

My advice would be to close your php ?> before the Bric container and restart it <?php after, this would give you 2 php snippet boxes and a container between them.

I hope this is helpful and explains why you are seeing this.

Hey, @Norm. Thanks for your efforts! However, it doesn’t clarify where out of the blue a Serif font came from.

When do I get my :1st_place_medal:? Bug finder of the year! :joy:

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That happens when the font has not be loaded by the browser. I don’t have that font so its hard to test any further, if you can generate an export with fonts and share that I can take a closer look.

Its likely something the css structuring.

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Hi @Norm

Well, I don’t know what you were looking at, but my php Does Not wrap the Bric container.
It’s basically:

<?php  ...
<?php ...
(other html which is not showing for some reason)

Note: bric_container is below all the php.

Here’s what it looked like when added in beta 11:

Here’s what it looks like in beta 12:

Now, this is even worse as the grey drop zone is not shown in edit area & it appears to be outside of the bric !

The shot below is with the Div Container selected in Layer Navigator & Pg Lock-Admin hovered - Please Note: the dropzone is outside of the bric as you can also see the highlighted bottom border of the selected bric (and yes when placing any child bric it still overlaps as before):

I looked at the html generated on the canvas and it’s placed within the php once it’s rendered by Blocs. I’ll take another look and see if I can spot what’s up, it may be something to do with the php formatting.