Blocs for Mac V5.2 Beta Build 6

Hope you all had a nice weekend! :raised_hands:

Here is Blocs V5.2 beta build 6 with more fixes and improvements.

Have fun testing :sunglasses:

Download Blocs V5.2.0 beta Build 6


I think that was my point. You can’t.

It depends on perspective, for some this would add confusion. You understand how the underlying html works, many Blocs users don’t care about that and want things as simple as possible.

I’m not saying its a good or bad idea. I’m just explaining the reasoning behind it. It’s not limited to icons, it’s the same for images, and various other parts of the tree that is masked out to try and make it more manageable and simplified.

Yeah I know, I mentioned interactions. My case was just icons. I know it’s been asked about a few times on the forum from others as well, when people have gone to do certain things and were confused to why it wasn’t working. In which case, it’s not simple and becomes unnecessarily complex.

We can’t add attributes or classes. But maybe I am the only one here now that wants to do things like that. :man_shrugging:

NavPlus will just have to have this limitation on the canvas. Not ideal for making this an easy solution for users, I can fix it in preview with javascript. But the on canvas indexing will be wrong.

Bummer, because it works pretty awesome other wise. :smile:

eg. Apple Menu replica

Am I correct to assume that simply changing your JS selector that generates these badges from:



.exclude, a > .exclude

is not a solution?

@norm any suggestions on how that would work here then? I am using the :not selector for skipping the indexing

I haven’t had any success. It’s probably really obvious :grin: and I’m getting the syntax wrong to include it.

The css is generated in the custom-bric javascript.

${navigationID} a:not(${classExclude}):not(.offcanvas-toggle)::before {
    counter-increment: navCounter;
    content: counter(navCounter);
   ... rest of styling

Did you try using chat gpt, just explain the scenario and get it to construct the correct selector to target links with the class in both scenarios.


Still, the option to select a vital element should be possible.

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It gave me what I have already assumed would be correct… :laughing:

Even tried copy pasting, incase I had a typo. It just breaks.



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So no further ahead, and more time lost due to the lack of a basic option, to select an element.

Still it’s coming together, smooth as. Offcanvas Helper will be updated also. But for now I have to leave the indexing on the canvas in this state.

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looks great!

Nice work Pete! :smile: