Blocs Page Password Protect App

Hi Guys, I want to just share with you a small mac application that i’ve been working on. It makes password protecting your blocs pages simple and easy. 28

If you want to see how simple this application makes the process then have a look at the pdf here.

If you wish to purchase the application then you can do so here :

Why hide the url as a address and send us to mediafire for the PDF download? After downloading the PDF I was immediately forwarded to a suspect page that told me my version of flash was out of date, which automatically downloaded the installer. Why not just house the PDF on your own server or Google drive for example without the security risk to Blocs users?

I’ll fix this now. Didn’t realise that media fire had a bad reputation

Thanks, This has now been fixed

It looks like a useful add on. BTW you have a double typo in the PDF “Click on the pls icon and then navigate the the file that the app created.”

Cheers, all fixed

Is the purpose of this app, so when a user goes to your website, they need a password to view it?
What is the point of an export option?

It produces a file that you attach to the page on your site that you wish to be password protected.

Not sure I understand. Could you explain or give an example please?

Ok, so say you have a page that you would only like certain visitors to be able to access, for example a members area where you have to know the password to enter. You would fire up the app and choose your password. You would then click export and save the file. The file that is produced is a javascript file. This can then be attached to the members area page in blocs so when the site is exported from blocs and ran in a web browser whenever a user tries to access that page they’re created with a popup box which makes then enter a password before being able to see the page. If they get it wrong they’re then taken back to the homepage of the site.

Very Cool!
Is it one password per page? What if you have different user and you want a separate password for each user? Can the be used on different pages? Example: One on Services… One on Products?

You can only have one password per page at the moment. But you can have multiple password protected pages, each with a different password.

Great idea! :slight_smile:

What happens if the user disables javascript in their browser?

And what happens if someone looks in the network traffic & sees the username or password? Javascript is by it’s nature not a secure method :wink:

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Great questions… waiting for the answers.

@Bill: wrong question. You should never allow a secure site to be opened without HTTPS.


Interesting password solution. Securing a web site page with a password is a surprisingly common requirement.

Charging £4 is too low and you should be charging a lot more because you will get a lot of support questions from this type of solution. As an example a somewhat similar solution - sells for $40 for Rapidweaver. By charging more you could add a custom login animation and make it the coolest solution out there (before someone else does). See

Also if this solution works well then you could market it to other web creation apps - i.e. swap the Blocs branding for those other apps - wink wink.

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Just paid and downloaded the app and it doesn’t seem to work on High Sierra (10.13).

I have another Mac at home (running Mojave) so not too much of a problem but thought I’d let people know.


I’ll fix this later, thanks for letting me know