Blocs Page Password Protect App

Do you have a demo protected page to see?

Also does this method hide the content from search engines?

If the solution uses javascript, can I just bypass the security completely by hacking the javascript file?

Do you encrypt the passwords?

To be fair, I don’t trust the security of any solution that is based on javascript running in the browser and not a cycle to the server. Could you put up an example protected page and let’s see if anyone here can crack it. I might not be able to, but it will be impressive if nobody can.

I’d also ask why I should bother with this when I could password protect via htaccess and have no vulnerability in the browser.

BTW, if you feel I am raining on your parade, think how you would feel if people adopted this and vulnerabilities were found. Better to find out now if there are any issues than have live users discover this themselves. This is your chance to prove your solution is secure.

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@Blocs_Guy Scott, do you have an example page which is password protected?

Hi there,

I have been using htaccess to protect a site and it can also be used to protect a directory.

Here you can find a free htpassord generator:



@griffinx I just paid as well and it crashes on startup on mojave 10.14.2 for me. You seem to have it working on mojave. What version? And have you tried it on 10.14.2?

I’ve pushed out a new version so it should be fixed.

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No demo page of a password protected page?

Hello! I just used your app and it seems to work great! There’s just one issue: when opening the website on a phone there’s a space bar first thing in the box where you have to type in the password. it’s not noticeable so when you don’t remove it and just type in the password you’ll of course get an error message. on the computer the password box works just fine. Has anyone experienced this, too? Thanks!

Oh and also… is there a way to remove that “click okay to enter” and enter the site right away when the password is correct?

I bought the software, works fine on desktop but on my iPhone it keeps saying the password is wrong - the same password that works on the desktop - any suggestions?

I bought the software, works fine on desktop but on my iPhone it keeps saying the password is wrong - the same password that works on the desktop - any suggestions?

I’ve just bought the App, but I keep getting a wrong password error, no matter what password pattern I create. Any suggestions?

Just purchased this app. When I try to download and open it APPLE warns that it may damage my computer. What’s going on???


Hi all,

Anyone get anywhere with this?..seems Scott (blocs guy ) is no longer a Blocs user from my knowledge…with this in mind, anyone find a way around this passworded page option?

Hi Adrian @AdieJAM AdieJam

I have been using Sitelok from Vibralogix to achieve password protected pages/areas and it works great: The price is very reasonable, in my opinion.

That said, I am looking forward to the Volt CMS which will have this feature in the future.



Hi @AdieJAM, if not mistaken there’s are few threads on the forum in regards to password protected pages. Personally I’m using sitelok from Vibralogix and Member login script from PHP Jabbers. To customise, Sitelok is really cool, but to add custom code (if needed) to your script the guys from PHP Jabbers are amazing.

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Thank you - i did have a look, and to be honest - i thought it cost a lot more than that. I will have a good look at it too.
@hendon52 has mentioned a few other options too - but sitelock does seem very popular.


Thank you. yeah @hendon52 mentioned this too - its good to see more people using it.
The price is good and I am in early stages of what im planning…and its something I want to offer clients. So you use both then?..don’t PHP jabbers do both what site lock do?

Hi @AdieJAM, personally I’m a bigger fan of Sitlelok from @vibralogix compared to PHP Jabbers, Sitelok gives me more freedom in styling and dashboard options. I used PHP Jabbers once for a project which needed a custom build payment gateway with a local bank. Their support is light-speed fast and customisation of their scripts is reasonable priced. It all comes down to personal preference and needs.

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Thanks for the reply, im looking at both at the moment - I have messaged Adrian from @vibralogix from his website - when i hear back, ill see which way I go. I do like to have full customisation on what im doing etc and this seems to tick the box.

I just hope its pretty easy to use !!!