Blocs Page Password Protect App


Do you have a demo protected page to see?

Also does this method hide the content from search engines?


If the solution uses javascript, can I just bypass the security completely by hacking the javascript file?

Do you encrypt the passwords?

To be fair, I don’t trust the security of any solution that is based on javascript running in the browser and not a cycle to the server. Could you put up an example protected page and let’s see if anyone here can crack it. I might not be able to, but it will be impressive if nobody can.

I’d also ask why I should bother with this when I could password protect via htaccess and have no vulnerability in the browser.

BTW, if you feel I am raining on your parade, think how you would feel if people adopted this and vulnerabilities were found. Better to find out now if there are any issues than have live users discover this themselves. This is your chance to prove your solution is secure.


@Blocs_Guy Scott, do you have an example page which is password protected?


Hi there,

I have been using htaccess to protect a site and it can also be used to protect a directory.

Here you can find a free htpassord generator:



@griffinx I just paid as well and it crashes on startup on mojave 10.14.2 for me. You seem to have it working on mojave. What version? And have you tried it on 10.14.2?


I’ve pushed out a new version so it should be fixed.


No demo page of a password protected page?