Blocs V4 is almost here

The next major version of Blocs is almost here. We made a little promo video to show it off.

We hope you like it.



Amazing video!
Amazing app!

P.S. Every time I see a Blocs app promo video, I want to retire from web design and start learning video editing!! I thought Blocs 3 video was amazing, but this one is even better!


@Norm I have to say - not only is Blocs 4 looking out of this world…but WOW that video and presentation is out of this world ! I edit videos for clients now and again but this is out of the world. If you, or a studio did this - whoever did it - hats off, it is so good I have to say its the best software video I have ever seen…and believe me, i’ve seen a few !

The voiceover artist is great - and good to see you managed to get the same one !

And blocs 4…WOWOWOW


I’m looking forward to blocs 4! I’m having a issue in (3.5.6) where images don’t appear when i reopen the program… i’m hoping this new version will solve that. MY FAITH IS IN 4!

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Awesome! WOHOOOOO!

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Perhaps I am going to respond tomorrow…
(Still recovering from that amazing video!)

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Agreed. Lots of things I requested were added. My wallet is fully prepared.

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1:00 Trying to sneak that Image Editor, @Norm? :smirk:

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Hey guys,

Props off for the music used too, the audio production is great…no, its stunning - this has been added to my Spotify list. Great choice @Norm @Helen

Hope this is ok to post on here ! - if not Admin please remove.

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Video is amazing.

All these teasers + all the unannounced features spotted along and in the video + WP theming have made the wait even crazier !!!

Looking forward to dive into Blocs 4 soon… very soon ?

PS: Thank you for listening to the numerous forum’s requests and fulfilling them. What a great job.


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Any hints on the exact launch date?

Yeah we love the tune too :sunglasses:

I found it last year and knew it was a keeper!


And for those who don’t have Spotify -

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OYeah OYeah!

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whoa, just saw it.

The art direction on that is genius. I’m struggling to think of a better intro piece. Very nice work and congrats to the team that contributed to that!


Wow, what a nice video. Love the preview of all those new Blocs 4 features. What’s Bloc Plus btw? :open_mouth:

damn I’m not so excited even when I see my neighbor showering from the window of my house

That doesn’t exactly speak for your neighbor :wink:


Congratulations Norm on Blocs 4 and the continued journey of Blocsapp development. I think it’s immensely impressive what you have been able to accomplish to this point as largely a solo developer. It has been fun to see the steady advancement of the app since the early conceptual days of this journey.

With Blocs 4 it’s really starting to take shape from a built-in feature and capabilities standpoint verse others in the same product tier. Blocs is really beginning to pull away within this product category. When users factor in the ever growing impressive offering of 3rd party add-ons, tutorials, templates, etc., it’s clear to see the value of Blocs as an app choice.

At this point I think Blocs is becoming the clear choice for Mac based designers wishing to create captivating responsive websites within a no-code / low-code app. While still also offering developers many opportunities to create further possibilities within or beyond the app. If Blocs 4 was sold in the Apple App Store I wouldn’t be surprised if it was considered for an award with this version.

Looking forward to see the continued journey throughout the Blocs 4 updates and beyond. I’m intrigued to find out the complete differentiations between Blocs ($) & Blocs Plus ($$).