Blocs V5.0.7 Official Release 🎉

Hey everyone, just a quick note to say Blocs V5.0.7 has now been officially released. Thanks to all who have helped to test and submit bug reports during the last few weeks.

We know there are still a few outstanding issues, we plan to roll any potential fixes into the next beta version of Blocs, which is scheduled for release this Friday (17/03/2023).


Ah, huzzah! The S+W crashes have vanished into the ether like a ghostly apparition. One can almost hear the triumphant fanfare of trumpets heralding this momentous occasion. Truly, it is a day to be marked in the annals of history, as we bid farewell to the bane of our digital existence. Oh, what joy to be free from the clutches of those vexatious crashes! Free beers to all! :beers: :beers: :rofl: :rofl:


Hi Jerry:

So Tab Anything no longer crashes?

Rich the Weather Guy

The path to unmitigated greatness lies solely in the hands of those who possess the rare and coveted gift of identifying the elusive letters ‘S’ and ‘W’ within the seemingly random sequence of ‘Tab Anything’. :rofl:

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Joking aside, I wonder if its something to do with the apps file name.

When the next beta starts, we can try renaming the beta to just Blocs and see if that stops the crashing :sunglasses:

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Interesting observation… :thinking:

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Sorry guys…lost in the back and forth…Jerry, in one of your msg you alluded to crashing of Tab Anything, not sure if this conversation is telling me it is OK or not? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Rich the Weather Guy

I can’t recall ever having any crashes with Tab Anything. It wasn’t me.

Sorry Jerry, it was the Swiffy Bic you mentioned, not Tab Anything.

Hey, @Norm. I’m still not able to add @Whittfield’s Swiffy bric without Blocs crashing. S+W = :bomb::boom:.
Unless Intel is not supported anymore :thinking:
My mistake…

Rich the Weather Guy

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@Whittfield @norm, for info, the logo zoom in SmartNav did not work with 5.06, it still does not work in 5.07.

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You should have been a writer just for entertaining the masses around the :earth_americas:

Hey @Norm can we get the ALT key support for the spacing options in the right panel. To set for all breakpoints.

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I’m pretty sure this was added :sweat_smile:

Well it isn’t doing it today, must have been having a day off :joy:

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I have noticed that’s a part time gig for this function.

php preview has gone.
Not good.

edit: to make things worse even html preview isn’t working either. No connection to localhost:8080.
But all works fine with 5.0.7-b4

All quiet at the Blocs front.
Am I the only, lonely one?

I would recommend creating a new project adding a few Blocs and then set the page extension to php. Now preview does that work?

I did.
New project html works, php doesn’t.
Old project no preview at all. Either in browser nor in Blocs preview.

Tested on a new MacMini M2 with Ventura 13.2.1.

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Do any of the previous versions of Blocs work?

Trying to rule out if this is caused by a change in Blocs or MacOS.