Blocs V5 and Blocs for iPad

We just published some information on the Blocs blog regrading Blocs for iPad and changes to pricing and licensing in Blocs 5.

You can read more here.


Blocs 5 requires MacOS 10.15 minimum – oops that was close for me – so nothing stands in the way of the purchase :slight_smile:


Just so you are aware this link lead to a 404

@Norm, getting the same when 404 error when choosing Upgrade to Blocs 5 Plus
Also the pop up window will not allow any input… like License and Email

This link?

Migration doc will go live tomorrow.

Thank you, I was just so excited I couldn’t wait. :smile:

Disappointing that Blocs is no longer 2X computers. For those that use Blocs on a laptop and Workstation this is a huge price increase. We should be able to buy a 2nd License for say a 80 % discount

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Yes that exact issue is sadly taking precedence over all the new exciting features for me.

I often split my workflow between iMac and Macbook Pro, and will no longer be able to do that so real bump in the road unfortunately.

Hi @Norm amazing news !!! - I think the one question which i knew would come up from users and thats only one Licence. I only run this on 1 mac at the moment, but the plan is to have this running on a MacBook pro and Man Mini at some point next year.

With this in mind - can we buy 2 versions now at the amazing 45% off - would be cool to have like a drop down to show to buy multiple copies.

One thing I am hoping for is a video showcasing it all like you did on Blocs 4 !..that was a brilliant video…fingers crossed we get one !

Yeah absolutely, you can buy x2 copies with 45% off each copy.


Before jumping on this upgrade, are custom brics for Blocs 4 compatible?

I use a few of them in almost all projects.

Can someone clarify the 1 license usage?
I can install on 2 machine’s but can’t run app at the same time? Or once installed it wont allow to install on 2 mac? Thanks

You can activate on one Mac with a license, and use the built deactivate if you need to switch Macs.


I cannot speak for others, mine are, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t work.

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Yeah, I have the same with Parallels. Just don’t forget to deactivate it when moving far away from your device :grin:


Is it not possible to deactivate via paddle/online, or does it have to be done directly via Blocs?

Ho, ho, ho, Christmas is coming early this year!

Thanks @Norm & @Helen for the new version and all those great new features!


I must say, this is the ONLY news that disappointed me…

Rich the Weather Guy

Well, that lessens the pain a bit. I may buy two just to support your efforts norm…Once I see the price.

Rich the Weather Guy

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According to the Blocs Blog The launch price will be the same as Blocs 4, So the Blocs Plus will be 149.98. If my math is correct the 45% discount will make it 82.49. Last year this would have allowed use on two computers, this year it will cost 164.99 for two computers. That is quite a jump

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