Blocs V5 - discovered bugs so far

Yeah, I got that, so I renamed my project and back up folder “Version 4” saves. I also set up new “Version 5” folders.

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Download the trial and add your license.

By the way. I’m not sure how the in app upgrade applied and if it replaces 4. But you can re-download 4 anyway.

Frankly, I would have been very happy to just download an installer file, then I could have just used that on both machines…would have been MUCH easier.

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Just noticed there is a trial version download on the upgrade page.

Not sure if these was version 5 or not, just downloaded it. If I wanted Version 4, where would I get that, I don’t see it?

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You can get older versions here: Download Old Versions Of Blocs – Blocs – User Documents

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Ah no, how come. It’s pretty simple UI but it does the job and is pretty straightforward to use. What would you change?

Local network preview is still there but it won’t show if the preview port is already in use by another app.


Thanks Norm.
Now I can throw some cash your way… :heavy_dollar_sign:

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@Norm, When I open my project made in the version 4 release and brought it into v5, I notice serval image were no longer connected. The bug was fix, by re-connecting them. I have not yet looked at the hundred of other in this project. That could be time consuming, but I need to do that.

Also the new arrow for Preview did not work. My guess is it need to populate (cache) the content. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Simply an interface that gives a sense of control. And something like a quick upload, you just change a few details, and can see the structure on the server … and get a feedback.

We all used “Blocs” in the beginning because it was simple.
But not because it gets complicated … speak knowledge.

With kind regards from Vienna!

Blocs is not an ftp app. It’s a website builder.

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Make sure Blocs 5 is in Application directory and has not been limited but gate keeper.


You might want to try saving your newly opened V4->V5 project into a separate place, quit V5 Blocs, then reopen the V5 project with V5 Blocs. I opened a couple V4 projects this morning in V5 Blocs and numerous of the graphics looked funky as if not linked in. I did not try to relink the graphics. After saving, closing, and reopening the same V5 projects, all looked good again for me. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


But … it’s easier for many to be served, in the upload, and see what happens after you’ve tinkered with it. I find that if you want to be a simple provider of websites … must also be integrated the upload, visually simple and understandable.

And not, as in Blocs5, only for those in the know, who know all the parameters … in one line.

Thank for your thoughts. Before I began, I made a new Folder (Blocs 5 Projects) to keep them separated from v4. I need to do this just in case there were any problems.
In the beginning, when installing v5, there were several windows that popped up asking important questions. I answered them all, to make sure all of old settings became part of the new.
By the way, @Norm, I know for sure you are busy, but when you get time would your reply back with a link referring to the questions.

I have been with you since the first version … am really not an understander in it … but, the simplicity is lost. I notice it because I change my page only 2x a year. And really need to re-understand. I am not a value … but I think many liked the simplicity.

I’m sorry if I overstepped any bounds in my criticism.

But a decent upload manager where changes can be seen … and this in a quick view and more settings for the upload, I would like.
Otherwise I can also use “Cyberduck”.

The main point I’m suggesting is that if your images appear to be unconnected on an initial V4->V5 project, try saving the project without reconnecting images, close Blocs, then reopen the project. Images looked OK for me on some projects after doing this.



Don’t worry feedback is super important, I agree Blocs is not as simple as version 1. Cyber duck is a tool for managing content on a server, Blocs is a tool for building websites.

But of course we will do our best to improve and build on what we have right now :+1:


Not sure how to do that… and it sounds dangerous.

Nothing dangerous at all. Just try it like I said and see if works. :slight_smile:

IMHO Blocs 5 is NOT ready for prime time.

I have restarted the same project three times now and it appears I will have to restart it again because of erratic behaviour.

Issues so far:

  • Colour palettes do not match ICC standards, colours shift and are not accurate often I have to create the same colour several times before it suddenly becomes accurate.
  • Colour picker is erratic and often picks the adjacent colour to the colour actually being picked
  • Constant crashes (some projects don’t even open, they just flash and Blocs crashes), crash report submitted to Apple
  • Removed blocs from global, header and footer areas but the space it used to take up stays rendered on the canvas
  • Desktop tray icon shrinks to a small dot after a while for some reason
  • Google fonts some how get removed from font list with a popup warning. Clicking the download button fixes the problem for a few moments then the message pops up again


  • Images or graphics added then removed from Blocs reappear when you change to another breakpoint then return to the previously edited Bloc.
  • Values in Margin/Padding + Positioning are not removed when you delete them. You have to enter 0 to get the settings to return to NULL
  • Crashes may be related to putting my MacBook Pro into standby mode. I have not put in to standby yet today and Blocs hasn’t crashed.

Overall I’m not very pleased with Blocs 5. 4 was much more stable. For me the worst issue is unpredictability. There is absolutely nothing worse then working with software you don’t have confidence in.

I’ll keep posting issues as I find them.