Blocs + Woocommerce Integration

Hello everyone, Im trying to see if I can integrate a shopping experience inside of my blocs theme. Do i need to make a checkout page, add to cart page, view cart page, what about a lead filling our their creditcard info, do I make those fields in blocs. These are just my important questions!

I believe Norm is already working on an E-commerce integration in Blocs. To be launched next month…

There are existing options…

You can design a Wordpress Theme in Blocs and use WP to manage Woocommerce

or you can embed an Ecwid store into a Blocs site very easily, several users here are running such stores.

One of my friends has done a few Woocommerce websites and recently he did one in Ecwid from my recommendation and said it was brilliant, and his client absolutely loves it.

@Eldar did a great video on Ecwid.

Hi @ikleveland welcome to the Blocs forum.

As discussed in this thread when creating a Wordpress theme with Blocs Plus there is nothing that should prevent WooCommerce from working correctly.

I don’t believe @Norm is working on an E-Commerce solution, but just a simple payment option. That’s a bit of a a difference :wink:

Well, his own topic suggests otherwise… check this
So I keep my fingers crossed…

Anyone interested in an easy to install shopping cart solution should head over to PHP Jabbers quicky! Their shopping cart script is currently on offer: Free!


Not showing free - must have missed the sale ):

That’s weird. I’ve seen that ‘Download Free’ link on their site for a while and always thought it was the common ‘…but pay to unlock the full version’. I didn’t realise it was the full, user script (without support). Just downloaded it. Thanks Jerry. They have a couple of ‘download free’ scripts on their site.

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Do you have a user account with them? I’m not sure, but it might only be available to account holders. I both have an account and have the download link.

UPDATE: I logged out of my account, but the ‘download free’ was still shown, so I’m not sure why it’s not available to you

Try to refresh cache. It might do the trick.

Yeah, I just saw it. Including a few nice ones… It’s a generous xmas gift from the guys of Stivasoft.

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Still no joy unfortunately. Maybe the offer is location based. I’m in the UK – where are you located?

Mauritius . Indian Ocean

The Netherlands. I got the scripts without a hassle.

Sorry your first thread on the forum went so off-topic @ikleveland . If you have any further questions about Wordpress & WooCommerce as they pertain to Blocs Plus let us know. :wink:

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