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Hey everyone,

As I mentioned previously in the year, new functionality for Blocs is coming that will enable Blocs users to create Wordpress themes from scratch easily and visually all within Blocs. And just to clarify, Im not talking about page builder plugin driven sites that bloat the database and lock you into a plugin, Im talking efficient, lightweight, fast loading, fully coded, REAL Wordpress themes you can continue to develop outside of Blocs if you want. This new functionality will enable Blocs users to bring an entire world of extras to the sites they create with Blocs and of course also enable clients to make edits and add additional content to sites via the Wordpress admin (once the site is hosted).

Anyway, Im excited to let you know the private beta testing will start early next week followed by public testing in August.

So, Im looking for testers who are likely to use this new functionality immediately for clients and sites. Let me know if you are interested in creating Wordpress themes and I’ll be in touch with more details.



Hey Norm, I have a project that would fit this nicely. I’m also curious about custom bric handling. I can provide feedback on that as well.

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Fun times… :nerd_face:
This sounds interesting.
Please sign me up for beta testing.

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Hi @Norm

I have been away for quite some time but now back in the game and one of the projects I am resuming next week would be perfect for this beta testing.

Let me know if I can be of help testing this.


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This is amazing Norm! I would love to get started!

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I have always wanted a way to create themes for Wordpress.

Thank you for this! Please sign me up!

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It sounds very interesting. Wordpress and itself, the themes, as you define well in the presentation, have many problems of calls and uploads to the server, so if we could create something clean of it, we would be marking a before and after in the trajectory of everything what Wordpress represents.

I would love to test the functionalities and especially see how he responds in the speed tests.

Maybe you will help me to believe in Wordpress again.

I signed @Norm, as Beta testing. Count on me.

Thanks again for the effort you make with Blocs. :heart:

Dreamsur. - :surfing_man:




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I’d love to be part of this - I currently build client sites in Divi and Oxygenbuilder, and would love to put Blocs through the paces!

Same here. I want to test the beta with Wordpress support.

That makes Blocs even more interesting!

I would love to join the beta.

I would be interested Norm. And I’m an active member of WordPress FB groups and can help let people know about it after it’s released.

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:+1: @Norm

This is really nice feature, especially for people who are working with different clients and don’t have a time to work with developers. Am signing up for beta since we have developed all of our sites with Blocs and there is still one site to be finished. Blog page that is hosted directly on wordpress. We have try to find similar design that matches to our branding and page styles.

But unfortunately since today we didn’t find anything that we can use. So this would be really nice feature for use. Since we have post that are going back to 2007.



Definitely interested!

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I am interested in this feature. I’d like to be added as a tester. Currently I’m working on two static sites I’m turning into WP themes. I’m using Blocs for the HTML and structure and hardcoding the php. This would speed up my development.


Hi Norm, I was sent here by Eldar.

I’m extremely interested in this feature. I’ve been working with WordPress for about 6 years now. I’ve been building out my themes in Blocs and then manually converting them to WordPress themes. This would DRASTICALLY improve my workflow.

What I’m basically saying Sir is, “Here is a blank check, fill in ANY amount and I will pay it.”


Hi Norm!
I’ve waiting for this for a long time.
I’ve some clients using wordpress. Many of them are using old WP template, that aren’t update anymore or are using bloating plugins and page builders.I’ve very exited about using Blocs for develop the new version of their sites.
Please sign me up for beta testing.

I recently went on an WordPress course, as one of my clients requested that a new site that I am just about to start developing for them is built using that software. So this announcement is particularly well timed!

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Norm! I would love an opportunity to beta this feature. We are actually in the process of redesigning our website with Wordpress and would love to be able to theme it with Blocs! Regardless of getting to beta or not thanks for this soon to come feature, I am excitedly looking forward to it!

Good news and good summer work! I look forward to this compatility for Wordpress as much as customer demand is strong. Thanks thanks thanks… Norm!