Blocsapp users advise

I’ve been using the Mobirise app recently
It is easy; and very simple to get instant results;
The main problem; is that Mobirise developing team issue updates frequently and many Mobirise users complain about bugs after updating; in other words, websites that were built with previous versions are not compatible and many times cannot be opened !!
Wondering if there are any Blocsapp users on this forum who have experienced both apps and can contribute their reviews/advise !!


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I just wanted to say that this post perhaps came across as disparaging to Mobirise and it’s users. So I wanted to say that it’s solely my own opinion based upon what I have perceived and read from their own users. It may or may not be an accurate representation of the Mobirise experience. I apologize if anyone felt it was disparaging. I am sure Mobirise has happy customers as well.


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At the basic essence, both are drag and drop, ease of use builders, using predefined Blocs/Blocks, that can then be manipulated and altered further without the need or requirement for interaction / manipulation of code.

It is easy; and very simple to get instant results

The same can be said for Blocs.

I have looked at the free version of Mobirise a few times and read their forum from time to time. As you stated many Mobirise users seem frustrated in general, whether it’s discussing ongoing bugs that never get resolved, new bugs that are introduced with every update/release, or feeling like they are being scammed in regards to the paid add-ons, etc.

It’s a neat concept, but the app and makers seem surrounded in mystery and the whole thing could be more professional and polished. At one time I was doing research on it and there were multiple websites for the app under multiple names, etc. I’m not talking the add-ons here I am talking about the main Mobirise app across different domains, it was both confusing and surprising. In general it appears kind of shady, with lots of users frustrated for various reasons. Again the concept is nice, but something seems questionable to me.

Then you have the paid add-ons which can top out at $250+ for one year of updates that then need renewed to keep up with changes and new bugs they introduce between those add-ons and the app.

Sure they offer things like:

  • Themes – ie: more Blocks – most of which can be created in Blocs by the user and creativity **
  • Code editor – but it has requirements in it’s methods of usage and thus certain restrictions
  • PayPal – many people have had issues or complaints about its implementation on the forum
  • Icons – which I find strange, as with Blocs for example most of those are just part of the app
  • Wow Slider – yippie?
  • Etc…

Here is the catch with those, you can buy and use those forever but if you want updates or to work with a new version of Mobirise, you need to renew and pay for the updates. So yeah you can buy all of them discounted now for $97 vs $250+ but people need to understand how those updates and things work, most people have been so confused on the Mobirise forums with so many posts about it, that the admins or owners went through multiple times and deleted posts from complaining or disgruntled users, in addition to deleting posts about bugs, etc., again that equates to some shady stuff to me. Here is a current example (perhaps soon to disappear also).

As for Blocs it does not have code editing thus far in app, beyond its CSS capabilities, HTML Bric, adding JS/CSS resources or snippets to the page, etc.,

** As for a comparison of the Blocs and Brics vs Mobirise’s Blocks & Themes, well you can recreate most of those right in Blocs by combining Blocs and Brics, however those in Mobirise that come with predefined CSS animations or JS/JQuery fancies would need to be created and applied manually in Blocs by the user.

One example is the Masonry gallery which comes even in the free version of Mobirise. That’s not apart of Blocs, however I have always felt given the popularity of these style of responsive grids, it really already should have been. Blocs also does not have a configurable Google Maps Bloc/Bric, however you can easily add one via an iFrame Bric, along with other things via iFrames or the HTML Bric. I am not sure if the Social Buttons in Mobirise are actually working to Share and Follow, if so then Blocs does not have this as a pre-configurable option at this point, but again it’s way past due for Blocs given the importance of social media.

Blocs is based upon Bootstrap 3 currently, and not the full implementation yet either. I am sure that may improve in the future along with Bootstrap 4 support and perhaps others. Otherwise most other things are doable or available in Blocs, only difference being is how you interface with and use the apps to accomplish things.

I own Blocs and have tinkered with and keep an eye on Mobirise out of curiosity. With Mobirise, the idea is good, but the execution is questionable. Mobirise seems to push messy releases filled with bugs, Blocs has staged Beta releases for each version and solid final version update releases. Granted with any development bugs and issues can occur but @norm does a nice job to avoid these from happening in general. By comparison the Mobirise developers for whatever reason just keep pushing out bugs by contrast and seemingly just keep releasing a stream of new Beta versions to active users, verse properly releasing stable releases?

Which is better, well that I guess is up to each individuals interpretation or expectations. I still long and hope for certain features missing in Blocs, but have always felt from the moment I become aware of the app, that it has tremendous potential and still do. Blocs interface is much more advanced and polished as one glaring difference. It offers CMS integration and Disqus, etc., other services and frameworks will surely come along in future versions as well and the app will continue to steadily improve overall.

Sorry, just rambling there. I was just typing out some quick thoughts as they came. Others can probably summarize things better. You will find most Blocs users to be very happy with the app and what it offers and excited for the advancements and features that will continue to come with each release. :wink:

Download the Blocs App trial and check it out! Or Buy it, it will only get better and is cheaper and more stable, Plus you can create as many Bloc (Blocks) styles (Themes) as you want yourself or as the app will allow.

Here are some examples of sites built with Blocs, that should give you a very good idea of
the things which are possible.

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Thanks very much for your elaborated review;
I will take look up another couple of features that I usually cannot survive without; such as the “iFrame” which you mentioned; and multi-lingual usage of the app is very important for me.
Can you test your site simultaneously on several browsing devices; such as a mirroring with mobile, tablets and retina display ?
WE’ll I’d learn this and I’m sure will shortly purchase the app.
Thanks Again

You’re welcome.

The app itself is currently only in English to my knowledge, I have seen talk of other translations being discussed for multi-lingual users, so time will tell. As far as making multi-lingual (translated) sites that is also not something that is currently part of the app by default.

With Blocs version 2.3 which will soon release you can pick your browser. It does not however take advantage of localhost etc., to push to various devices with live previews, or remote previews. You can always use a third party app or method to accomplish that however.