Blog Bric for Blocs?

A wonderful light weight blog option, placed as a widget, existed for Muse, which I loved and used, by a developer called QooQee, and I’m wondering if such a thing can be created for Blocs?

This wished for Blog management bric would be different than Pulse and the other CMS options Blocs currently has, as this system would sit entirely within the Bloc file, like a bric, and include an Admin log in for use in any browser for posting and editing.



Thanks for sharing @DanielF

It seems a good choice of Blog.

Thanks for sharing


I used CMS for Muse on several pages. Really easy ot install and to style. I def would love to have something like that for Blocs, too.



Yes, I also have the Blog/CMS version, but I really only use it for my own in-site blog page, which has just a few posting. I’m not an active blogger but I find this tool supports very nicely what I need, with out having to go outside of Muse.

Here’s how I styled it for my site:!/all

Here’s some screen captures for folks who may be interested in what it looks like in the browser

the first is the Admin log in Page concealed on the page with a hidden button,
the second is the Admin page where you can do all the normal stuff to post and edit…

pretty cool…

How can this be used for Blocs.

It can’t…but hopefully a developer would find a way to make such a thing for Blocs!


what exactly do you not like on the actual CMS systems for Blocs?

webplus – Great question. Do any of them sit completely within Blocs, needing no 3rd party interface or system to manage, or pay for?

What I like about the QooQee system, is that it is all placed within Muse, one time purchase, and only the site owner (me) has access to it…and so I wondered if something like this could be made for blocs…?

Thanks for asking…

Anyone familiar with

Has anyone use it with Blocs 3?

cool…do these have anything to do with the topic?

Blogging & CMS

sure…but are they for ‘no-coding’ ‘bric-like’ ways to simply plop it down on the page and style as needed? Perhaps my title is too broad…so the actual posting describes what folks are looking for…

Hello @DanielF I don’t know if it is a solution, but I’m looking for a easy way to have a blog in my page, and found this.
Not to buy, only to show that it could be easier like this:

I started developing a CMS which works with brics, but you still will have to upload once a folder to the ftp root of the site. After that you can define with different brics where editable content, the login and so on will be. Will this initial upload be a problem for you?

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How’s the CMS for Blocs coming?



Thanks Pealco – That seems like a nice solution for using with a code editor outside of Blocs…appears to be not too challenges to use, too…though it is a subscription services. :frowning:

Wouldn’t it be nice if if was a Bric that you paid for once and could use as often and in as many projects as you like…and didn’t need any coding?

webplus…I’m not sure I know enough to answer your question, but that sounds similar (if not exactly) like the QooQee Blog Widget for Muse.

Perhaps check out the features list and descriptions on this website to see if this is what you mean:

The QooQee Blog is loaded on my host server, so there is an initial upload and activation step in order to use the Blog Widget placed & styled in Muse and accessed/managed within a browser.

The way it works is, you place & style 3 widgets in the Muse editor: 1) a post-list widget 2) a post widget, 3) a category widget…and then upload that Muse file to the host server, and then you initiate it and configure settings to activate the Admin Panel in the browser, and then you make/edit/manage individual posts within a browser using your live website…hope that helps to explain it!

You can even drop in a 3rd party tracker with social icon links like AddThis:

Looking forward to see what you are making…Yay!

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Hello @casey1823 thank you for asking. It takes more time than planned, because I have found some problems during beta testing and with the Blocs API, but these should be solved with the latest beta now. The core CMS functionality is working now but I have to finish the gallery layout and blog functionality.


…looking forward to see what you’ve designed! :pray:t3:

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Thanks, looking forward to seeing it.