Bric Update: Smart Nav 1.1.1 is here

Hey everyone,

Smart Nav 1.1 was just released! It’s a free update, but it’s pretty significant.


  • Fixed: Scroll Reveal and Scroll Shrink fix for Safari browsers/Blocs preview.
  • Fixed: UI issue of disappearing image and font size fields.
  • Fixed: Refinements to hover intent.
  • New: Additional size settings for logo and padding on mobile.
  • New: Select the breakpoints to target mobile.
  • New: Reset one-time notifications button.

Update in-app using Blocs extension manager or redownload from your Gumroad library. Clicking on your email receipt is the fastest way to access Gumroad if you haven’t done it before.

If you find this release particularly helpful and you like this product please do give me a good rating in the Blocs Store for it. It really helps me, thanks!


Smooth update through the extension manager :slightly_smiling_face:

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Amazing @Whittfield - this is a top class service - thank you


@Whittfield I just have seen this bric in the store. And watched your video. Nice addition to all brics. What I would love to see besides the switch link color. Is to have the ability also to switch between light and dark logos. Depending on the hero’s beackground.


Good suggestion @rusmir, I think that’s going to make it in at some point.


  • Fixed: Scroll Reveal and Scroll Shrink fix for Safari browsers/Blocs preview.
    I still have the same problem with Safari and Blocs.
    Thanks (1.9 MB)

Hi there,
With which setting can the main menu disappear again when scrolling down - as well as with the previous smart nav version
Thanks very much

That hasn’t changed it’s called Scroll Reveal.

Smart Nav 1.1.1

Hey folks,

There’s a new version of Smart Nav available. Smart Nav 1.1.1 addresses the dropdown menus not displaying properly.

The update is available through the Extension Manager in Blocs and also by downloading from your Gumroad library.

Im about to purchase this great bric.
Is it possible in future updates to set an active link for an active page? This is one of the most struggling things when working with multiple pages. Placing the navbar in the global area and seting the active link for the desired page would be the best feature ever

Thats already built into blocs.


Your wish is @Norm’s command. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


How can you manage when you have a big menu? Because right now you are forced to duplicate it in each page and set the active class. With a small amount of pages its ok, but when you have 25 pages and you need to update the menu the pain comes.

Can you put the menu in the global area? That’s want I assumed you were doing.

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Thanks for the heads up. Sometimes the features are already there. You just need to find them :smiley:

Can you give me a link so I can purchase and download the "Smart Nav 1.1 "? Thank you.

Is there a way to change the smartnav from transparent to opaque when you scroll down and vice versa?
Many thanks for your great Bric

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Link to smartnav: Smart Nav | Blocs Store


THANK YOU for information!

Yes, I can, but how do you manage blocs to recognize the page and the proper link? For example:

This highlited link is called “placa roca yeso” and it delivers to a page named productos-termicos-otros-rocayeso. How can blocs match this?