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I asked because I had a “client from hell” earlier in the year, who made this demand right at the end of a job, even though it was clear all the way through that the site would not have a CMS. They wanted me to add one and train them how to use it for a minimal sum, but I resisted because I knew I would still be answering questions in five years time.


What problems have you had using Pulse with Blocs?


Oh dear! I know such clients…


I think we all do, but this was the worst in 25 years of freelance work…


I totally agree a built-in CMS would be awesome. But it has to be a 2 WAY SYNC solution, otherwise it won’t bring much. I already use Surreal CMS for some of my clients and it’s a good solution for basic editing (text, pictures, SEO Metatags). One can even add content using editable regions.

BUT, when the customer wants me to make major changes (header, new page, etc.) later, there is no possibility to synchronise the CMS-Version with Blocs. So, either you have to update your Blocs-Version yourself with the changes made meanwhile by the customer in Surreal CMS, or you have to make the new changes directly in Surreal CMS. Both solution are unsatisfactory. Thiss issue affects all other CMS-Systems too (Cushy, October, Pulse).

Therefore a native Blocs CMS solution would have to work both way in order to be a game changer!


Presumably Blocs could do that by synching with the server and importing remote assets. Easier said than done I am sure.


I’ve just heard that expression engine CMS is now free and open source. I’ve not used it but I wonder if it could be added as a CMS option for Blocs? https://expressionengine.com

It has been used by the likes of Disney, Nike and Pizza Hut so it can’t be too bad as an option.


Thanks for letting us know. That is good news.


Great Idea - But, Terrible for Blocs Users to Build With
Why? The vast majority of users are going to be COMPLETELY LOST in the hundreds of steps to get a CMS system up. Not to mention all of the constant management steps.

A system for Blocs has to be massively simplified & everything following a simple GUI & that’s a tall order - I know, I’m doing it now for another platform & it’s incredibly difficult.



I’ve never used it myself, though I’d heard of it previously. I am all in favour of simplification Bill. It just needs somebody who can put something suitable together :grinning:

PS I suspect that the Magnus opus you are currently working on is a good deal more evolved.


I think the best solution will be a standalone CMS app built strictly for Blocs.
That will keep Blocs simple and straightforward as it should be.
Then the standalone CMS will work with blocs. Just like Norm did SOLIS for blocs.


yes please. simple and effective just for blocs


This has blown my mind. I absolutely loved EE years ago. I built some really robust sites in EE. The reason I moved to Drupal was because the cost of EE at that time was a tough sell on clients. This is fantastic.


Anyone figured how it can work with Blocs?


Not as far as I am aware. From the little I know, Express Engine is very capable, but perhaps too complex for many Blocs users. When thinking about a CMS I look at both features and whether it would appeal to clients. Very few seem to consider whether a client will actually understand a CMS or come back to you every 5 minutes looking for help.


Hi Stoltan @nevenov

Have you used it yourself ? Why I am asking is that the site actually originates from Bulgaria and the mother site ProfiAnts in Bulgaria does not appear to have been updated for some years now. Can this be a scam ?





Actually the website is https://simplephpscripts.com/ - it’s working and it is up to date.



Hi Stoltan,

I indeed checked that particular url and the company owner of that site is Profiants Technologies Ltd in Bulgaria (their company site is not up to date).

Now I just realized you are located in Bulgaria as well (nothing wrong with that - although strange coincidence) thus a legitimate question comes to my mind: are you an employee or owner of that company ?

If you are marketing your own product on this forum it would be fair to know firsthand.




I don’t hide my self - SimplePHPscripts.com is my, so firsthand - yes.
Just removed ProfiAnts from the footer.
They were my partner some years ago, but now are only hardware company.


Okay fair enough. Just believe it could have been clearer in your first post that you owned the site and were showcasing your product.