Built in CMS


Another CMS, which could be used with Blocs: some years ago i have used “Sitecake” in combination with rapidweaver. Sitecake is very simple to use and not too complicated to implement (as far as i can remember). Price is once per site - 39 $. Maybe worth a look for some of you… :slight_smile:


Very interesting kind of CMS.
Someone have tried to implement on Blocs 3?


Has anyone heard or tried this CMS?


CMS, should only be after all the other issues with Blocs 3 have been resolved. It crashes on me two or three times a day. (Sometimes simple stuff like dragging items in the tree, or what not)

I recommend Perch CMS. I’ve been using it since its beginning and its great and has a great community. With the major benefit that my clients never have issues learning or using it. https://grabaperch.com/


I really want to find a CMS that does blogging, with easy setup.

For me to move my site completely over to Blocs, I would have to create dozens of separate blog pages.


I agree…


me too!