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It would be really great to have a built-in CMS system.
Clients quite often want to be able change pictures or text and options like Cushy, October CMS are either prohibitively expensive or unsuitable for casual clients.

Without Code have a great system for this. However, website are hosted by them, which isn’t ideal.

All I need is the ability to let clients change a picture or a couple of paragraphs of text. Nothing special.



I agree entirely that a basic built-in CMS would be very valuable, even if it was an optional module and not part of Blocs. After all many of us were happy to also buy Solis.

Not long ago I looked at October CMS, but concluded it was fiddly to set up and not good for clients. Cushy is not something I’ve looked at in detail, but at $28 a month it’s not happening, since I invariably find customers are opposed to ongoing costs when they see free options like Wordpress.

There is Pulse CMS, but no means to test that on Blocs without spending $300, so yes I would absolutely welcome some form of basic CMS linked to Blocs. There doesn’t seem to be any real involvement on these forums from the compatible CMS makers out there.


agreed about that. Just basic options like change text and pics that would be awesome


i agree totally. I lose many customers because there is no possibility to change the images or the text.


It’s a tricky one because I know that a lot of customers will create problems if they make their own edits, but overall I know this is losing me clients when I start giving excuses why they should avoid a CMS.


Hello, I am working on a CMS for BlocsApp 3. With a little chance I will release it until the end of this year. Until now I do not fixed the price, but for sure it will not cost more than 149€.


I am sure we will all look forward to learning more.


I’m currently working on a tutorial on how to convert blocs sites to Wordpress accuratly, it does need a bit of manual work like copy a pasting but it’s manageable


I’ve just tried it now, Blocs Hosting is nearly all Wordpress in about 30 minutes


Now that I’ve done some research into it and that it’s possible who would love for this to be an option on blocs hosting, for example, a convert to WordPress and then a year hosting for a set price?

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^ So, how does this differ from your previous endeavor? Other than people will need to now use your hosting?


sounds exciting. have you tested it w the blocs 3 beta already?


As soon as we have more developer API options, this will come to Blocs 3:



don’t like WordPress or Magento and such…headaches, headaches.
My clients just need a simple way to change images and text.


Hi gman,

Not sure if this will be suitable for you, but it is a simple built-in CMS system based on clean php/mysql:

You could manage contents(pictures or text) and parts of the web pages in admin area, or user area.
There are simple text editor options like font-size, colors, text-alignment, font-family and other simple options.

Installation is approximately easy - uploading the script into the sub directory on the website and run installation wizard(will ask you for database credentials, then choose admin username and pass), and that’s it.

I hope this will help.


…what happens when I later want to make changes? Do I need to learn wordpress then, or will you be updating the site with the new changes for free?


Totally agree a CMS would give us a lot of advantage! since more clients ask to be able to administer a site with only change image upload and release !!

Buy the pulsecms but it has been an unpleasant experience! from the answer to compatibility with blocsapp! among many other problems more!

hopefully in the future more blocsapp integrate a cms, since I am happy with the application, both as blocsapp and solis, and waiting for the new versiors 3


I use Blocs for static websites and Joomla for cms websites.
So I prefer an unhackable and stable Blocsapp, as it is.


I’ve never tried Joomla, so I’m not speaking from experience. My question is what you would do if a client comes back to you near the end of a Blocs project and says they want make their own changes?


This is one of the first things that I talk about with new clients. It‘s a basic decision and will be part of the contract.