Can I edit the code of the website generated with the Blocs?

What language the Blocs is based? Can I edit the Blocs’ code using a text editor like Sublime Text?

Blocsapp generates HTML, CSS and javascript using the bootstrap 3.x framework.

You can, but you’ll need to re-do those edits every time you export the file from blocsapp. Not recommended.

You can add files and include your own script in addition to the code generated by blocsapp.


Thanks for replying.

I just want to know if is possible to edit the code in outside of the Blocs because my client could want to contract later another professional to give them the support. So, as I understand, it’s totally possible in this case.

When a possible client ask me about what I use to build the website I can say that I use Bootstrap framework for this, right?

You could definitely say that, though your client is probably going to think you hand-coded the site rather than using a tool. My clients don’t tend to care how their websites are built ( as long as they work ).

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…the person picking up the project may not be entirely happy, especially if you minify the source!

@RBuster @pauland

You can un-minify your files :+1:

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But I have the option to do this or not, right?

And if I choose to do this, I can use this tool to undo.:slight_smile:

You can choose in blocsapp to generate unminified files. I mentioned it as a bit of a joke.

Blocsapp projects are not saved as html they are in a .blocs file.

Anyone can use an unminify tool.

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Have you tried the trial yet? You can find out a lot of this info by just playing with blocsapp.

Not yet. As I have only 5 days to try it, I am avoiding to waste some time with the possible doubts I believe I will have. But I intend to “dive” into Blocs on this weekend.

I have some doubts yet about how to use CMS in the Blocs. If you can help me understand this, please leave me the answers in this thread: Newbie questions about CMS and DB with the Blocs


There’s a free intro to blocsapp:

Blocsapp is not like wordpress, it’s designed for static sites, so any CMS interaction is by creating an area that is under the control of a CMS - a CMS bloc.

I can’t say much about them, but if you require a full-blown CMS then blocsapp is not for you. If you want areas of your website to have CMS features, then that is possible.

I think to use this feature to create a blog and allow the owner to include and edit images and texts or even use it to change them in some areas in the main page.

Yeah Blocs can handle that with Pulse or October.


Thanks Norm. I would really appreciate if you can answer my questions in this thread: Newbie questions about CMS and DB with the Blocs

here is an example I made , the site is 100% Blocs and the Blog integration is done with Pulse. the client is able to write new blogpost and upload the pictures inside the blog via the very easy admin of pulse ( A Dutch writer of traveling books in Greece)



Hi Sandy

Thanks for sharing your project. I had already seeing another website you created: Good work, by the way. Can you protected the dashboard (I do not know if it is correct to say in this way)? Is it possible to include another medias instead of just images and text (as videos, for example)?

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@pulsecms should probably chime in here :sunglasses:

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