Can't add .mp4 videos

whenever i try to add a .mp4 video file on the assets manager via local assets. i get this error:

adding mp4 video error
“The image file (01Introduction.mp4) is not optimised for the web, please take care to use images that are under 3MB in size to ensure optimal site loading and rendering performance.”

the error doesn’t even make sense to me it says image file even though i’m importing is a video.

this is my first time adding a video on a blocs project. it says only support .mp4 so that’s the one i used. i tried the solutions on this forums but still nothing. hope someone can help me.

i’m using os x el capitan 10.11.6 with blocs 2.5.0

many thanks in advance.

This is fixed in the latest beta of Blocs.

@Norm just tried the BLOCS 2.5.1 BETA BUILD 2 as you suggested. i can now add .mp4 videos :smile:. thank you so much. i was about to loose my mind over this :sweat_smile:. really appreciate the help.

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No worries bud, sorry for the inconvenience :+1: