Card Designer bric and Swiper Bric conflicting

Screen Recording (Google Chrome)

Having an issue with having card designer bric and swiper bric on the same page.
I keep seeing blue bar on the card designer bric and it gets worse with slideshow controls.
Once I remove the swiper bric, the card designer comes back to normal.

@Whittfield and @Lucas
Kindly help resolve this. thank you.

@kwakukwaku, I’m usually overly cautious to name-space things to avoid conflict. I don’t own Swiper, but my guess is there’s some classes that aren’t name-spaced so they apply to any swiper.js element on the page.

If there’s a page that’s live you can direct message me I’ll take a look and determine a fix.

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Hi @Whittfield, I’m pretty new to getting my head around coding etc. What do you mean by name-space? The class SHOULD have a space or shouldn’t?

@Whittfield, I understand trying to avoid conflict. Just trying to get this resolved. Both brics are great and comes in handy, will be nice to have both on the same page without any issues.

here is a live version:


Thats the progress bar from swiper.js doing that. @Whittfield.

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yeah it is and it gets worse as you customize the slideshow controls.
Any ideas on how to fix it?

The Devs will have to do that.

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Hi @TrevReav,
name-spacing simply means that in my code I’m targeting things with my own classes before I manipulate any swiper.js class or element.

.cd-container .swiper-pagination {

In the example above my css will only affect “swiper-pagination” in Card Designer and not other brics. Because I have “.cd-container” which is unlikely to be used by other developers.


I think bric developers should have in mind how to resolve issues and dealing with end users. I am sure other blocs members can attest to paying for a bric they find useful is us supporting the community and helping make blocs better in general.

Having two brics conflicting is something that is expected and I was hoping this would be easily resolved by both developers without any back and forth but that has not been the case. Besides the code sent by @Malachiman to help resolve the conflict, I have waited months to get an email response from @Lucas to help resolve this issue but nothing yet. Not to put anyone on blast but moving forward, there should be accountability and support system to help users that purchase brics.

Both brics are great and very much needed, so there should not be any doubt when it comes to user support. Its how we build trust and grow together as a community. I do not want to feel lack of support on a product I have purchased.


Hi @kwakukwaku

I do not have an unanswered support ticket on this issue or in your name, so please provide me with a ticket number so I can track you or spot any issue on my help center. My support emails are and, both go to my support ticket system.

I answer to all my support tickets myself and my replay time is 5.89 hours, just checked the graphics and well I love statistics :grinning:

That said and about the issue: I’m aware of this one, already talked with Card Designer developer and spotted the problem. This will require a re-work of the bric, which will take some time. I hope to get a new version ready by the next month, not sooner.


Hi @Lucas
I appreciate the feedback. The ticket number is #5495. An email response on the update of the issue would have been great as this was two months ago.


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@Lucas & @Whittfield I got the same issue when using Swiper and Card Designer on the same page!

Here the original pic

Any ideas how to fix this?

Card Designer plays nice with Swiper but not the other way around. Swiper’s developer mentioned (just a couple of posts before yours) that he’s planning to make an update.


Don’t want to be impolite but I have 2 brics build by weavers kingdom and I can’t use any of them because there is always a different kind of problem. I don’t know how I feel about it considering his brics are one of the most expensive on blocs store! Reading all the post from before seems he knows about this for a while now! I just update the bric and same issue continue. :confused:

How can I get Card Designer 1.4.7.
It’s not showing up in the extension manager.

Login here to download latest version.

If you haven’t logged in at Gumroad before, no problem. Signup with the email address that you the purchase with and your items will automagically be added to your account.

Got it.

Yes, still waiting for Swiper to update the bric so this issue will be resolved.

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How long have you been waiting?

Looking at the thread, since May.