Card Designer in-app update down for a few days

I just learned that my host has deleted the .bex file and I will need to make an update to the Card Designer and host the update files elsewhere. So the in-app updates will be temporarily unavailable for a few days till I get this sorted.

In the meantime anyone looking to update to the latest version will need to download it from Simply use the email address you purchased with to gain access. Use the “forgot password” feature if you haven’t logged in before.


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Update … if I inspect the code and add !important to the inline CSS, the default link color gets overridden. What’s unfortunate: the CSS is written inline, so there’s no way for me to do that before publishing the code.

Sorry to hear that. Glad to hear you’re on it. :grinning:

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Hi @gary,

Happy to help. That’s not at all the behavior that Card Designer users are experiencing, so let’s figure out why. If there is a bug, I’ll fix it. I know there are others who use the project settings and Card Designer settings together without issue.

First let’s make sure both Blocs app and Card Designer are latest version. Blocs had reports of issues with custom brics in some prior version so it’s always best to stay up to date with both.

How Project Settings works with Card Designer

If you take a fresh blank page/project and add Card Designer without touching any settings, you should be able to add project global settings and they will effect Card Designer because you have not made custom changes. But once you make a custom change, it should stick regardless of Global settings.

One more thing

The reason the css for some elements is inline is because using classes is 1) those elements like color pickers require you write some css on the fly. The alternative would be to print out tags all over the place using javascript. That’s not performant and most of important .js should load after css. The result would actually be less elegant.

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Log in to but here is only the «old» version from February?

@yellow I just am waiting for a new Mac to arrive on Monday, so I figured I should download the latest version from Gumroad. The folder says 1.4.4, but as you found the bex file was created and modified on 5th of February.

I’m going to add support for an alternative method next week :+1:

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@Flashman, @yellow

To be more clear, I’m not saying there is another version release. I just wanted folks to know that updates are broken. Someone was trying to update to 1.4.4 recently and informed me of the breakage.

I think we understand that. I thought 1.4.4 was more recent than 5th of February.

Got it. The original post announcing 1.4.4 was January 27th.

Hi Whittfield,

Thanks for getting back to me. As far as I can tell, I’m running the latest versions of both.

Here is some more info:

  1. Changing title text:
    (upload:// (35.3 KB) color:

  2. Also changing the settings of the horizontal rule has no effect:

The test was made on a clean (new) Blocs file. See attachment … (35.3 KB)

Another question I had: when I place a Card Designer Bric on the page, is it supposed to be filled with dummy text, or completely empty?

Hi @Whittfield,
Just thought I’d ask if you’ve had a chance to look into this yet.