Card Designer Update 1.3

Hello everyone,

On the heals of Blocs 3.4 release I’ve made some exciting updates to Card Designer! :smile:

You can audition new card layouts using various preview text and layout combinations. You can have beautifully designed cards in just 1 or 2 clicks, then replace the content with your own.

Short video:

This update may affect existing cards in some minor ways, but nothing to big. I did change hover mode to a separate checkbox so watch for that.

Version 1.3 includes:

  • layout/design presets
  • placeholder text presets
  • use Blocs global font settings with no side-effects to/from CD
  • added title background color
  • using Blocs new field types (stepper, alignment)
  • added font picker for all text (tag line, title, paragraph and button)
  • added horizontal rule options
  • added remove filters on hover option
  • added ability to hide some field groups while you work
  • added a squared button style (outline and solid)
  • added button “fill effect” on hover
  • added pagination “placeholders” to the Blocs canvas.
  • added enable/disable all images from view
  • moved hover mode to a separate checkbox
  • bug fixes

Get Card Designer 1.3


How do we get updates for this? I’ve just checked inside the bric builder and I am still running 1.1. When I check inside the extension manager it says there are no updates available.


I found the email in the spam folder just now, so I created an account at Gumroad and downloaded 1.3. When I go to install it a message says it is the same version. The folder said 1.3.


Thanks for the heads up not sure why the version still says 1.1
I’ve double checked that it’s 1.3 in the app.

As for in app updates, I’m gonna try again to get this working please re-download and try the new file.

One thing to note is that I haven’t seen in app updates work for me. have none of the apps in the store been updated? I’ve never seen a notice or opened the extension manager and seen an app update notice. I’d love to get this working.

I downloaded it again from the 1.3 folder on Gumroad, but the extension shows this was created and modified on the 21st of July. When I tried to install it that same message popped up about being the same as the existing version.

It looks like you have these back to front. When I tried the download all option, the one named Card Designer is actually the old one. Card opens a folder called 1.3 with an extension that was created today. That enabled me to install the 1.3 update.


It sure would be good to have the updates working reliably in the extension manager @Norm. Custom bric updates have always been a bit tricky. As @Whittfield mentioned there never seem to be any updates and I generally check manually every now & then via the to see if there are any changes.

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I second that.

I’ll help @Whittfield get it set up. All of my Brics use it now.

Also the blocs checks for updates on Brics Once per day when it’s launched.


I think other developers may need a hand with this as well.

I just found a little cluster of bugs that caused the in app update to fail for some Brics.
Blocs 3.4.2 beta build 2 should address issues going forward but some Brics may need to be uninstalled / reinstalled, basically the update URL is missing so reinstalling them makes sure Blocs knows the update URL.


Yeah, looks like somehow I packaged the wrong files originally :upside_down_face:
Glad you got it settled though. Thanks for letting me know and working through it. Norm’s next beta is going to fix in-app updates for good. :grinning:


Is there an option for a full screen or full page card? That would be pretty damn cool to use.

Hi @roblach,
Full page no, but full-width is actually on it’s way and you’re right, it’s pretty cool.:wink:

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I’ve just opened a project inside the latest beta of Blocs after reinstalling 1.3 for the future updates and I am seeing a missing file error cd-swiper.min.css now.


On the actual page where I’ve used Card Designer previously the formatting is messed up at LG with square images turning to horizontal, including a large white space on the side. Curiously it is fine at MD and the animations are still working.

If I click on the bric it is named in the side panel, however there are no settings available. I need to update this site for a client and I am just wondering what is the best way forward?

I just tried adding a new bric on the page and that does have the settings in the side panel, so it looks like users will have to set these up again. It looks much better in terms of options, but I just hope I am able to reproduce what I had before.

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Yes i have the same thing

You’ll be able to recreate any existing layout. The changes aren’t the type that would prevent any of your previous designs from being recreated.

A note about custom bric updates:

  • Whenever a bric developer edits their HTML you’ll have to replace the old instance on the page with a new one. This is on the wishlist for Blocs api I think. I imagine it’s not an easy feature to add.

  • I’ve added the presets to help address this. I came up with this idea for this exact reason. I use this a lot when I’m developing Card Designer and to kickoff new designs.

  • Not all custom bric updates require html changes. Some changes are javascript and css only. For updates like those you won’t need to re-add the bric to the page.

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I am getting close to recreating what I had before, however there there seems to be no way of eliminating the slideshow controls under the text, even though they are set to hide. They don’t show up in edit mode but they are there in preview.

Another small point, but something that would be hugely helpful is if sliders could be sidestepped and simply let us type in a value. Attempting to achieve an exact value with the mouse using the slider can be super fiddly, especially when milliseconds are involved and take several attempts. I believe @Norm enabled this some time ago, but if not, it really needs to be there for this kind of thing with custom brics.

What version are you using? !.3 allows typing values into the new “stepper” field type. the fonts are in em so all the values between whole numbers you can simply type. ex. “2.3”

I am using version 1.3 as confirmed in the extension manager. I can change text size in the title size field for example by typing in a figure, however I cannot alter timing of transitions or the grad opacity that can only be altered via the slider.

I’d like to get rid of the slideshow controls beneath the text. At present the best I achieve is partially covering it by lowering the caption position.


Okay I see. I’ll change the timer to a stepper field.

I haven’t reproduced the issue you are having with hiding the nav yet, I’ll look into more though. I have another update coming soon, it’s working for me in this version and maybe that will fix it for you.

When set to hide it becomes less clear, but sort of semi transparent and placed at the bottom of the card. If the title text caption is in the default position with no description the transition can be seen under the title, whether it’s faded dots or the numbers. It’s most obvious with the slide fraction.



In edit mode it is completely invisible, but does appear when previewed.