Card Designer v1.1 new features

I’m excited to announce the first update for Card Designer v1.1

What’s New?

  1. Added smooth scroll to anchor support for title link and button.
  2. Added support for Modal bric (open modals).
  3. Added option for nofollow attribute on title link and button.

Follow the custom bric update process in Blocs.


Hi Whittfield,
Never heard of it. Can you please explain how that works?
Have a nice weekend.

It’s done via the extension manager, but not showing any updates available for me. I’m hoping this will solve the other issues I’m seeing. This looks like a nice update and I’m impressed it has come so quickly.

no updates in the Extension Manager here also.

Same here, no update :slight_smile:

:expressionless: My apologies. This is my first time making use of this feature. I guess I have done something incorrect. I’ll fix very soon, but I stepped away for just a short while. Thanks for your patience!


Okay, we’re all set. Seems there was a simple file upload issue. Things should be good to go now. I don’t actually have a way to test it so hopefully everything will now work as expected. :wink:

Still not working here. Says there is no available update.

Same here in the extension Manager.

Hi @ Whittfield

For me, the Blocs Store itself still mentions version 1.0.0.

Additionally, if I re-download from Gumroad it is still version1.0.0.

FYI, the automatic updates have actually never shown in Blocs although there have been many to update. Forgot to report to @Norm at that time.


Hi @MDS,
Rather than change the version in the download every time I was hoping to rely on the update process until milestones version releases. This actually will become the download soon as I think it is a milestone release, but I’d like to get in-app updates all sorted out before doing so.

I need a way to test, so I’m working on that. Maybe a different user account on my Mac is the way to go.

In the meantime, please check that you have tried restarting Blocs and that the version number hasn’t suddenly changed to 1.10 :slight_smile:

Thanks for feedback everyone.

No update. Still shows 1.0.0 following various restarts.

Thanks @Flashman, I now think I have an idea. I’ll need to provide the download for 1.1 with what hopefully is a fix for in-app update feature. The good news is it’s almost ready and I should have it posted up soon!


I saw version 1.1 on your Website but there is no update in the Extension Manager.

I received it through the Gumroad email late last night.

You’re right.
I received the mail too but it stranded in the junk folder.
Got the update now and will test it.

Auto update isn’t going to work for this first release. All customers should have received an email. This update will hopefully get in-app updates working for future releases.

The email’s come from I’m don’t have control over the email headers so I suggest maybe while-listing the address that the email comes from for now.

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I got the update.

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@Whittfield I found the cause of the problems I was seeing with this bric and sent you a PM. It is related to the link colour/size settings in project settings that are incorrectly overriding the bric settings.

It really boils down to the use of global project settings. It makes perfect sense to me what’s happening though because it’s the nature of CSS.

Once you rely on global settings in Blocs you must use custom classes to override individual elements. That’s how Blocs works and that is consistent with basic css. The global setting is meant to override everything, but you can override the override with another class if needed…

With Card Designer you have more control than assigning an overriding class will allow. This is control that many other brics don’t have (they also rely on making classes to override a lot of things.) The trade off is that you won’t be able to use global overrides and have this type of control that I’m providing.

Here are my options

  • I can eliminate the html tags that provide SEO value (i.e h2, h4, p, a) to a card.
  • I can limit all features to only applying classes for making changes, thus eliminating a lot of goodness from the bric.

Neither of these appeals to me, and the trade-off is acceptable. Besides, the number of classes needed to make a card like this would be dozens and none of that would happen in the time CD will do it.

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