Carousel as Hero background

Hey guys,

is there any way for Hero block to include carousel as a background? So navigation layer is on top of the carousel… Or if there is any other way to set navigation bar on the top of the carousel block?

I want this page:

to be loaded like this:

Thanks for any advice

I have been considering converting a slideshow to a looping video - say using a program like imovie for the mac. The video would play as a background.

Yeah, but thats not really the solution. Video doesn’t have slide left/right to next picture possibility that I do like in carousel.

Still no idea? =(

Maybe this thread will help you.

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I made a video about this. The only problem about carousel as hero background is that if mouse is on it, it doesn’t auto play. If the mouse is on button or something else, it autoplays.

Hope this helps.

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