Carousell - random order

Hi guys!

Is there a way to change the order or to randomize the order for the carousel? If you add on slide it will be the last and I haven’t figured out how to reorder this or even set it to randomize the order when it is live.

Is there such an option or anything planned?

Thanks. Tom

Are you all happy with the way the carousell is working? Is there no solution to this?

Can I rearrange the slides in a carousell?

I’ve never really played around with the carousel so I do not know. But you could just play with the settings and see if you see a randomization setting. That’s how I usually figure things out - just play with it :grin:

Thanks, but there are not a lot of settings to play with.

Sorry I couldn’t help you more with that. I would suggest checking out this: Swiper [Teaser]

It’s a new full-page carousel addon for Blocs coming soon. I do not know if it has a randomization setting because it has not been released yet. Although I’m sure the developer would be interested in any suggestions.

Thanks. I am waiting for the new add on for a while now. Hope it will be released soon.