Changing "SEO Title" Automatically Changes Link Text in Navbar

I’ve been trying to work this out for an hour now, and I can’t find a way to fix it. I’m trying to fill out SEO Titles in my project so that they are more descriptive for search engines.

The problem is, right now, for example My “Services” page has that word in both the “Page Name” and the “SEO Title”. When I go to change the “SEO Title” to anything else… like “Looking for Headshot? We Have You Covered.” and hit “Done,” the “Services” link on the top navigation bar changes to the SEO Title I just input.

What I’ve written…

What shows up after I hit “Done”

I cannot for the life of me figure out how these two are somehow linked, and when I looked at a video tutorial for Blocs and SEO, their “SEO Title” IS different than the link on their nav bar which is what they have put in the “Page Name”… see below…

I’ve gone through each Bloc, Container, Row, Column, Nav Bar, and everything below that. As such, I can’t employ the “SEO Field” at this point, so any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Try going to the Nav Container and then click on the list element. Now look on the right hand side panel and switch the data source from Primary to None. Now you will find that the Seo description does not affect what is written in the menu area.

Setting the source to none is my preferred method because it allows so much more flexibility with naming and also styling through custom classes. Each element can be edited more or less as you wish. You can also deselect the option inside Page Settings to use in the primary menu at this point. To add more pages I just duplicate items, then rename and update the link from the side panel.

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Thanks a million for taking the time to help me with this, Flashman. This worked a treat. Much appreciated!