Class Manager Code List

It would be very handy if it has not been published somewhere already to have a list of the “Blocs class manager” codes to implement many commonly used but not readily available without going into the class manager. For example getting rid of the arrows for a carousel. Lots of other things. That may not be what everyone wants but I have read so many times it seems obvious it would be a great help without having to go search elsewhere.

Have a look at the following links, they should provide assistance for you.

Thx… I Posted my response over there. I’m looking for a complete list exclusively that work with Blocs… Maybe more could be added to the blocs subclass list. I guess I could go to those links each time I need something…I do wish a few more common functions were found natively within Blocs but at least it can be done without too much stress. :slight_smile: Thx again…

You’re welcome.

I believe that is the current listing as it pertains specifically to Blocs.

As seen @29sec in the following video

You will find the list in Blocs via the Subclass Lib - corresponding to the Subclass Reference Guide.

In Blocs > Subclass Lib:

You can also find various other Bootstrap Class References online which are specific to Bootstrap itself, for now make sure they are for Bootstrap 3 whch Blocs 2.X.x currently uses.

Otherwise you can dig into the “Style.css” which Blocs exports and look through the various Blocs specific classes, etc. I talked about that briefly in a couple of other posts you may remember: Post 1 | Post 2. from another thread.

Blocs 3 may bring better ways of targeting and styling page items, Blocs/Brics/Etc. Time will tell, but I am optimistic things will continue to improve for all users.