Does size matter!?

Thought that would get your attention!!!

I saw a post somewhere that Blocs is perfect for small projects - single page or 4-8 page sites but not good for large ones, or complex sites.

I am in the process of building my own personal site for my own events business and long term this could be a large site showing all my equipment, items, events done etc…and i would say 30 pages to start with and then maybe around 50 and will keep adding…is blocs up for this !!?

I have other projects of 4-5 page sites that it will be perfect for…but worried about my one now. I guess in theory it should be ok !?

Personal opinion.

Blocsapp is ready for what you want to create, with a good organization within your pages you could make sites of 1000 pages.

If you are going to manage it, I don’t think there is any kind of problem,
If it is for a client you could do the main design and make an administrative panel for your client to manage it.

It all depends on what you want to use blocsapp for, the creation possibilities are high.

Hi Adrian @AdieJAM

Not 1000 pages yet…but 50 and had no issue.



The maximum amount of pages I had in a Blocs website was about 100-110. It was working great. It does require more attention when managing, but it is totally possible.

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I remember a few years ago you asked a similar question (#2) asking about number of pages. The below comment was made by Norm a few years ago. Since then I believe further features that can help users better manage things have been added.

As Eldar confirms above in his comment also.

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I think it depends on the website and the user if its viable to keep in blocs or design in blocs and migrate to a CMS.

I built one site for a new company, their medium term strategy is to have a CMS as they develop their company, but at present it would be overkill and would have cost more to have made. But since its made in Blocs, its very easy to transform it into an OctoberCMS site at some stage, and the end user would have no idea.

So does size matter? No, its all about how you use it!

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haha ! love it !

I remember when you started that site @MDS, I really like the way you have done the colour calculator. Difficult to make mobile friendly though aye.

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Yeah, that was for another project which got canned - but I have seen several comments saying its not for large sites…but I will keep marching forward with mine !

I often break down large sites into individual mini-sites and publish each section in it’s own folder on the domain. This is particularly useful for multiple-lingual sites. It also means that when updating a site, it can be done on a section-by-section basis. When dealing with this type of structure, I prefer to create an assets folder that contains all the common assets I’m likely to use and upload that FIRST to the server, I can then add those assets as hosted assets when creating each section of the site. Likewise, any common page layouts used throughout the site, I just create them as templates and call them into each section as needed. This arrangement doesn’t suit everyone, but it certainly keeps file sizes relatively small and easy to manage. That said, I’m sure blocs can deal with large sites adequately, but being a belt and braces person, I’m always alert to the fact that if the system goes down, I could potentially loses or corrupt a large site file. - But that’s just me being overly cautious I guess!!!


Thats an interesting approach @hendon52. I haven’t built a multi-lingual site in Blocs, only read about what you guys have done on here.

With the more recent trend of social media landing pages, I can see your mini-sites method would have a lot of advantages.

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i know what you mean…but my head would fry thinking about it !

Would it be too hard for an FTP client to be built into Blocs? On another platform if you updated a page, you could just just publish the page that we did the update on, or option of updating the whole site.

This again would be a huge move for Blocs? @Norm, is this possible?

I have a 50 pages site. Its works well but as bigger your project gets as much blocs suffers. I though it was about my old 2013 macbook pro but now with my new one which was like week old one happens exactly the same. Im doing now what @hendon52 suggested on his comment. For example I just added a blog to my site and buid it on a new project.

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This has been up for discussion every now and then. Personally I think a seperate solution is much better. A dedicated App for FTP can do so much more. There is a thread on here about FTP clients. My fav is

I use the sync features without even opening Forklift by selecting my clients website in the OS Tool bar. Once they are all setup (which takes minutes) I can sync my test domains for client sites, and sync their live site.

Everyone has their fav workflow.


Forklift works great for large websites. And the good thing is, I just saw it’s on sale again on Bundlehunt for $9 only! That’s a real bargain!


Wow that’s really good. I got my license on sale, but it wasn’t that low. I guess version 4 must be on its way maybe?

I think my main problem with building a large site in Blocs would be page organisation. I know it’s been mentioned on another thread, but it would be great to have a different way to organise pages with subfolders etc.

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Wow, thanks. Instantly purchased. I was already taking a closer look at Forklift, coming from Transmit.

FWIW I am working on a site of about 85 pages with no performance issues at all. Obviously any large site becomes harder to manage in terms of organisation and just ploughing through it all. Any site of 85 pages requiring Seo, text, images and the rest will clearly require a lot of work on any app.

I guess we should add a small caveat that if you are running a 2010 Mac mini with 4 gigs of ram and no SSD things are bound to hit buffers more easily than something modern. Blocs is far more efficient than some other apps I’ve used though. One in particular would take 30 seconds just to preview a moderately complex web page, which was then repeated at every breakpoint. The same design in Blocs would flick between breakpoints instantly on the same hardware.

Another vote for Forklift. It smashes any built in FTP option and at that price it’s a steal.