Easy Burger - Custom Bric

Thanks @brizwela, appreciate your support. Enjoy.

Although I am vegan, I will take a risk because he is a great Bric and this opportunity should not be missed. :wink:
Thanks for a great job and for your help to the Blocs community.

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Thanks @Malachiman nice bric, easy to use. its in my collection as well :slight_smile:

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How to use your own icon with Easy Burger…?

Hi @yellow,

It specifically uses Font Awesome icons.

Bought -
By the way, many people would be happy if there would be also a file management system like Golive - also as an additional tool to be bought, because I (and others) would pay something.

  • 2nd tool = integrated FTP option. :wink:

Hello @Piet I think you can do that with the specific folder to save each project, and with the addition for example of the Forklift you can have that folder always sync with your hosting. I don’t recommend that, but is always an option for you having the project sync immediately after you export it…

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We are getting off topic, but…Forklift is excellent.

@Piet only the Blocs developer could implement your feature request.

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FYI - the discount price will expire on Friday night (NZ Time)

So if you are after a good deal, now is the time!

Just bought.

Great Bric.

Can not wait to apply this to some older projects and will be used on all future projects.

Nice one @Malachiman this has been really well developed.


A short question, how can I take easy the writing on the middle sentence - of course only with the hamburger? I can’t find any formating in the side menu.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-26 um 15.03.16

Congrats @Malachiman

Time to start working on Complex Burger / Gourmet Burger. :grin: :joy:


Can you explain that one again? Thanks @Piet


Thanks @Blocs_User :hamburger::hamburger:

Hi @Piet, do you mean centre-align the dropdown hamburger menu list?

Hi Pete,
For us who have a Custom Class already assigned to Blocs Toggle Menu, could you tell us or make a video explaining the steps to make Easy Burger work?

Hey @KBConcepts my overview video already shows how easy it is to use.

Regarding working with custom classes someone has already applied to the toggle, well there is no way for me to know what you have applied with those classes.

Care to be more specific. What css have you added?

I will open the Blocs project sometime time and get back to you. I mentioned that because of what @Jerry brought to my attention. I tried to follow your steps, but could not get Easy Burger to work. Hence that is why I inquired the need for documentation or a video.

Can you just send me what classes you have set.

Like I said you can’t create documentation for customisations a user may or may not have made.

This bric in combination with the toggle tutorial is fantastic. You can find the tutorial on Pete his website: https://blocsbuilder.com/tutorials/