Easy Burger - Custom Bric

Hey @Mattheus, thanks. Are you talking about the tutorial for adding “menu” text to the toggle? If so that is going to be a built in feature for Easy Burger in the near future (free update). Easily set “menu” or custom text next to the icon.


Correct! That is the one. Would be great if it was built in the Easy-Burger!

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the links/text should be middle, because without the Hamburger they are.Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-27 um 10.58.22

(Screenshot from a Text app)

Yes, centre align is only in the LG and MD size.

Hi @Piet, Just for understanding correctly. You would like to be able to style the navigation sidebar menu and align the the text either: left, right or centre and apply different styles/alignments for different breakpoints.

For sm and sx -the hamburger links in the centre.

The LG and MD it is correct, only in the hamburger it is left… (I don’t change the breakpoints)

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Hey @Malachiman, First off, nice bric! :+1:

While I can see this bric being very useful for me, I’m curious about other options I’m interested in that currently don’t seem to be possible (or is very difficult to pull off) within the BS framework.
For example- it would be nice to use other font icons, or SVG icons, as well as possibly having animation support, such as when a burger icon transforms into a close icon (X). But from what I can see it may not be possible in BS. What do you think?


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Hi @MiguelR

Adding support for the other icon sets in Blocs is possible and so is SVG. No ETA on that though.

Animating the icons is better with SVG, although you can do some stuff with icons. For some of the menus the toggle and close icons are actually in different places, so its not ideal.


@Piet. I will PM you, I am not 100% sure what you mean. Easy Burger doesn’t change the Menu items, just the toggle icons.

Bought it. Another really useful Bric!

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Final Hours...

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Hi @Malachiman, any change you will be adding an option to add text (next) to the burger in your “Easy Burger” bric soon? It would be a welcome add-on and time-saver! :clock10: :hamburger:

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Shouldn’t be too far off. I need to do some other work first then will get stuck into it.

You will be able to add “menu” text (or your own custom text) to the right or the left of the toggle.


Very thoughtful and well needed bric…thanks @Malachiman

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Hey @Malachiman would it be a big effort for you to implement the option to use also the icons from “Feather Icons”, “Ionicons” etc.? Or maybe even to use our own SVGs?
I know… Font Awewsome is great with over 1500 free icons… but since only the solid ones are free and usable for us (which in my opinion are a little clumsy) I would love to be able to use also some lighter and thinner icons like the ones form Feather Icons f.e.
I hope it’s not “too much” I’m asking for :slight_smile:


Hi Pete, I have this set-up on my site at colchester-cycling.org.uk because the full title is too big at S and XS sizes.

Easy Burger is only working on the top menu, not the smaller two.

Any tips, please?


Hey @Chiefsub68, it does target the first instance of the nav bar only.

I would suggest using just one version of the nav bar and have different logos per breakpoint.

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Adding support for the other icon sets in blocs is something I want to do @benfluri and for that very reason of the lighter icons. But no ETA just yet.