Easy Burger v1.2 Update

Easy Burger just got cheese and extra bacon!!


Whats new!!

  • Burger and close icon are now size independent
  • Custom text
  • Before and after text positioning
  • Typeface (fonts)
  • Set the size fo your text
  • Adjust baseline of text
  • Custom text colour (note: this disables transitions)
  • Letter spacing
  • Border width
  • Border colour
  • Padding - top, right, bottom, left
  • Radius - top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right
  • Improved UI

How to update

Easy Burger should show in the extension manager as an update.

If you have any trouble with it showing, you can login to www.gumroad.com with the email you used for purchase. (if you have never logged in before, use the forgot password option, with your purchase email).

After Update: I recommend removing previous versions of Easy Burger from your project, check that the Easy Burger javascript file has been removed from your project attachments. Then re-add the new v1.2 Easy Burger.


Easy Burger Setting Guide

Get Easy Burger

Blocs Builder
Blocs Store

SWEET!! - Some of the New Options

Overview Video

Questions or Help

I am based in New Zealand, so depending on the time of day, expect a delay.

SHARE your Hamburger Design

I am really curious to what designs you guys come up with, using these new options, feel free to post here.

Just had a look at the video - nice upgrade!

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Hi @Malachiman, this is an awesome upgrade! I just created a super cool “hamburger”!
Kapture 2021-03-09 at 09.18.53


Great update and nice documentation formatting!



Oooh, my bank card is twitching!!
Looks very slick @Jerry
1st class as ever @Malachiman

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Way to go Pete excellent work! :slight_smile: Love the support we have from all the professional Bric builders.


Lol, Just let it do where it’s designed for; doing transactions! :grin:
Honestly, it’s a super cool, handy, fancy Bric. And (for me) this upgrade exceeds expectations.

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Such a brilliant update !!! Well done @Malachiman

The forums most wanted burger just got supersized!

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Is that the same software that is used for the next Blocs version 4.2.0 announced ? ( “Easy Burger - A premium Bric for Blocs that lets you easily customize the navigation menu icon”) - it is included free of charge.

Hey @Piet, it’s the same Bric, that just got updated. It’s a custom paid bric though. The update is free for existing Easy Burger users.

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Thankyou for the Info – it is very good software I think

People seem to like it from the feedback. Which is great. :grinning:


Awesome example there @Jerry

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Morning all, 2 questions please?
I’ve never used Font Awesome before, so where do you get the FA code to paste into that option (or even view the icons, apart from their web page - anything local)?
And @Malachiman, will future updates have the option to place your own little SVG file on there for use?
Great update BTW, it’s making menu’s so much easier.

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I’m using this handy cheat sheet: Font Awesome 5.15.1 Cheat Sheet.zip (2.7 MB)

I just found out this AM you can even use emoji in the text field. I had to make an “easter” inspired burger menu:
Kapture 2021-03-11 at 06.56.46


@Jerry is ready for Easter


Pretty much the Font Awesome website. Or as Jerry posted a cheat sheet. There are way to many icons.

No ETA on that sorry.

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So who has some cool menu designs to share??

@Jerry set the bar with his Easter special :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks both, that’s great and very helpful.

Just added the new Burger to one of my demo sites and it was really nice to make. No messing with codes, no having to create classes - I LOVE brics like this that are just so easy to use.

If anyone has not yet bought this bric - I recommend you do.

Here is the link (you will have to make the page smaller etc)

Nothing flash! but the website does not offer anything like that, but I can totally see where making creative burgers for websites is a great addition. Thanks @Malachiman