Email form - no captcha?

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I have just ‘installed’ the contact form, adjusted it to my needs and it works fine!

I am just wondering as I can see no CAPTCHA built into the form,
is there any kind of protection built into the contact form to prevent bots from submitting forms?


+1 for that. We need that on Form built in :slight_smile: @Norm


agree, would be great, thanks @Norm

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I’d love to see this added also.


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+1, deffo here too

I think a simple 2 plus 3 type question where the result must be 5 is perfectly good enough whereas Captcha can be a complete turn off for some.


Ditto here

I’m not an expert on these things, but I gather there are more evolved solutions that don’t inconvenience genuine users, while out foxing the spammers, such as invisible spam traps that use the honey pot method. This would not only be more elegant, but also more effective I suspect.

Great suggestion @webdeersign. But how do we incorporate this into a Blocs form? Can you direct me to any online instructions please?

I can’t direct you but this is exactly the type of functionality that can and will ideally be provided by a 3rd party add-on. On maybe Norm would add such a function.


I’m not a great lover of Captchas. They’re messy and inconvenient, particularly if you only need a sign-up form. Third party captchas, such as those provided by Google only really serve the interests of Google, Whilst third party form processors add a layer of uncertainty - if the third party service is off-line, then so is the form in your site. What needs to be incorporated into Blocs is the ability to add hidden fields and the option of submitting the form to a script on a server of the users choice. This would enable the use of more sophisticated third-party scripts with spam detection built in. I must admit, however, that I’ve never had spam problems with Blocs forms. Any spam that does come in is usually due to a manual form-filler sitting at a computer, rather than a spam bot and that only inconveniences me. The worst thing that can happen with spam email is if your script gets compromised and gets used as a spam gateway to other people. This can result in your server IP getting black-listed, or even a denial of service. Given that Blocs doesn’t display your email address in the HTML of the page, it’s quite difficult for spam bots to harvest the address.

One thing that could be done to minimise issues such as this, particularly if legislation demands that you display an email on your site, is to use alias email addresses on your site that redirects to your real email. If a large amount of spam starts arriving, you can change the alias on your website and create a new one. This goes some way to preventing the inconvenience of having to delete and change live email address that you may use for other purposes.

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I agree that dealing with spam is the responsibility of the website owner and shouldn’t inconvenience, or impact on, the web user experience. As a Business Catalyst user, I’ve been able to add a variety of security features to forms - both visible and hidden - with a few clicks of the mouse. So as a Blocs newbie, I’m just trying to establish how things are done. Nothing more, nothing less. But thanks for sharing your thoughts.

You beat me to it…well said. It’s a balance between getting contacts and creating an inconvenience for potential customers…not to mention functionality that relies on third parties being up and running. Those who have used various 3rd party font sources know all to well that all hell breaks loose when the client calls saying their website looks awful…the fonts changed or worse no fall backs.
Being involved in UI/UX and SEO for the last 20 years you learn …sometimes the hard way. :wink:
An option would be nice…at least you can tell the client you have it and weigh out the pros and cons with them.

+1 from me

that is needed, pls.

Yup, that’s coming out very soon :slight_smile:



I’m guessing it’s not out yet?

Here the post with the reCAPTCHA Bric from @Bill


@Flashman, I’ve not heard of those. Can you provide links to an example or two? thanks!

@webdeersign, would you mind sharing the code solution for that? thanks!