ETA on Nested Pages?

Is there an ETA on nested pages for a normal website taxonomy without extra post work?

Currently I have to do it by hand which is a pain for updating. Given how well Blocs works so far, I don’t have that much interest anymore in doing sites by hand. So nesting would mean I could just do stuff, put it on AWS and have it out of my hair.

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Nested pages would be a lot of work. More likely to be a major release feature than a point one.

I’m personally hoping we see it in Blocs 5. :crossed_fingers: I’m looking forward to having it too.


Not really that much work. At the lowest it’s a matter of tagging documents with a parent for the app display, then writing a conditional loop for the export.

It is, because you have to make sure all links to resources are correct, and all navigation links and sub menus. Dealing with folders and nested paths is always a challenge.


Nested pages, is this like totally custom URL paths for pages?

Being able to create folders within folders. It’s better for SEO. So we can finally do something like

EDIT. Is funny how many people click on obviously made up links. Let’s see how many we get :laughing:


Sir, your page is broken :stuck_out_tongue:


The links do work form under the :coconut: :palm_tree: :grin:

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Yep, I’m up for a folder hierarchy. Used to find it invaluable with Muse (in the days when I had a few websites to do!!)

Like a taxonomy. It also would make working in Blocs more efficient. Create main pages and have nested pages like in an outliner really cleans things up.


  • website.tld/products/ (overview page)
    • /product_1/
    • /product_2/
    • /product_3/
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I probably still have an old shell script from my web design days where I did exactly that.
For each instance I went further away from the directory root, I simply added another “…/” to the variable for the asset links in the header.

Later in my subdomains-for-assets phase I did absolute URLs to solve it. Then the old “/” to start at root config.

There are many ways to address asset linking.

Just set up a local webserver for the Blocs output directory and noticed I forgot the easiest way ever to do this.

/css/style.css and /img/filename.jpg. It just needs a warning that the links won’t work when opening the html files from Finder folders.

That way we can have any taxonomy we want without breaking anything.

If someone wants to give it a go, here’s my local server.

Snippets/Go at main · frankjonen/Snippets · GitHub

I’m doing the nesting by hand for now. If anyone needs a hand getting the asset links cleaned up, here’s a script to set them from stepping to siteroot-relative. I’m replacing the header and footer links the same way. Search through all files and replace them with their new location.

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I think this would be a great feature. asked for this a long time ago: Folder Structure in Left Sidebar - #2 by Norm . Being able to define a directory structure is for me the most efficient way to work, especially on larger sites.

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I’m almost done with a solution. It’ll be on my GitHub. Hope you see this before Norm hides this one too. Not posting it here. It’ll only get banned.

I didn’t hide it, it’s been flagged by another community member :sunglasses:

I’m not sure on your solution, but I think many users of Blocs are waiting for an integrated “no code” solution, that won’t require any work or setup on the server side.

But I’ve no doubt sure your solution will be useful to some.


Ah. OK. The email made it look like it was you.

I might release it as an Automator “App” for a one-click deal. Need to look into that. Some BASH embeds work in Automator, not all though.

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