Finally the Update 3.0 of my website - feedback very welcome! 😃

Hi there dear forum!

It has been a while, since you’ve heard from me.
That’s mostly cause I was very busy in doing my actual job… and didn’t have lots of spare time to indulge in my hobby (creating beautiful websites in blocs :heart_eyes:)

For several month now I planned and worked on the update of my companie’s website… finally it came to live :face_with_peeking_eye:
You might remember me for always trying to find the creative solution, which mostly leads to problems, that need some time to clean up. :joy:
Even if you dind’t read anything from me, I’ve read a lot of your posts and they helped very much, as always. So for once I want to thank every forum member for taking part, and keeping such a helpful community alive. :clap:

Well, here is the link to my website 3.0
Testing phase is still going on, so any feedback is very welcome!

cheers, Ben


Beautifully designed. Love the color arrangement. The layout was well thought out. Keep up the good work, you have skills. Brilliant concept to put Home in the bottom of the drop down menu.

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@KBConcepts Thanks a lot for this positive feedback!

Very nice, easy to see the information, yet many fancy details! :clap:

… And now Google started showing me German ads … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing:

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Really love the colours and the design! Really nice!

If you could, I would remove the thin white border from the website’s logo. It contrasts with the clean aestethic of the rest of the text. And it’s too thin at that size.
But I know it’s a logo, so maybe you can’t change it!

But in any case, great design!

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Very nice.
Very colorful and I like the functionality of that plus button.
How did you do that?

Rich the Weather Guy

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It seems I am blocked by a security policy. Have you changed something?

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Hey @Flashman
Thank you very much for the information!
That’s very strange! No, I haven’t changed anything.
Did you have the access and then suddenly the access was denied? Or was is from the beginning?
And by click on the link in my post, or did you try to access the site directly?
I have totally no idea what could cause this. From which country are you accessing?
Anybody else having this problem??

@flips thanks for the :clap: :smiley: and sorry about the german ads :rofl: :rofl:

@CiroContns also thank you for the compliment! And you are totally right. In bigger size (f.e. on the cars) the logo works very fine with the white “outline”. Yes, it is a logo, but the good thing is… I’m the owner of the company and also the corporate designer… so I can work out a solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

@WeatherguyNH thank you too! Yeah, there are some little “gimmicks” I loved to implement.
You know, the last few months I learned some JavaScript. So the secret lies in some additional code.
If you’d like, I can send you the code for the plus button :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just clicked the link in the original post and saw that message as the page opened. I am in the UK.

does it happen every time you try it?

That’s strange. It works fine using Brave on my Mac or Android mobile. On Safari I get that message every time, so I dug deeper.

It appears to be caused by having Private Relay enabled in the iCloud settings on Monterey. A lot of people will be using this by default, so I think your set up is being a little over protective. When I switch it off I can view the page in Safari.

wow, that’s really strange!

I’m actually not sure, what exactly you mean, or how I could influence that.

I have a standard SSL Certificate, which was ordered and installed by my hoster directly. (see picture)
And I’m also using this code in my htaccess, to lead all visitors to the HTTPS-Site:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

can you tell me, what I have to change or to do? :woozy_face:

After this E-Mail from Sectigo I didn’t do anything by myself, cause the hoster told me, he would handle everything. Didn’t even open the “click here for instruction” :laughing:
Mistake?? Did I have to do something? What you think @Flashman ?

It’s nothing to do with your SSL certificate. In Monterey you just enable Private Relay inside iCloud. Private Relay basically hides your true IP number rather like a VPN, but I am using the same set up to visit countless websites and never see this normally.

I think your firewall is being over picky. It’s not like these IP numbers are coming from well known spammers either, it’s Apple running through Cloudflare or Akamai to supply an IP number in the same area or country as the actual user. It only applies to Safari.

I just found out, that the hoster installed a Demo version of SiteLock Malware protection. I just uninstalled it. So maybe you could kindly try again, if this solved the problem?
thanks a lot!

Wow…excitment!!! Nice Detective work Flash!

Rich the Weather Guy

That works fine now you have turned off Sitelok.


Nice work!
Some small things…
Not a fan of the hero image as it is - because it makes me think the image alignment is wrong because of the space on the left. It would work (for me) if there was equal spacing on the right and then your transition into the bloc below would look better - currently you have a sliver of white below the hero - I’d prefer the hero to look floating. I think the right edge should be curved with a white margin.

The transition between blocs seems a bit too large.

The people images seem bigger than they need to be. I would have added a white border around them - like an old-style photograph and maybe had a bit of fun with them as polaroids or cut-outs.

Generally I think if you are using drop shadows for areas, the same should be applied to the images. The graphics for bloc transitions uses an accent color. I think that technique would be better than the shadows that you are using - more consistent.

When I make my browser small some text overflows.

Just nitpicking. Nice job, as I said and others agree.

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perfect, thank you!