Will Flexbox be implemented in the future?

Blocs is currently based upon Bootstrap 3, Flexbox is not supported until Bootstrap 4 is released, so perhaps then. Although Blocs does not have full Bootstrap 3 support either, many KEY things are missing. So time will tell how fully it will continue to add support and full implementation for Bootstrap 3 and then version 4 when it officially releases.

I would assume Flexbox would surely be one of the things implemented if / when Blocs gets updated to Bootstrap 4. I guess you could edit the exported code or using the HTML widget Bric and try implementing it yourself in the meantime using CSS3 Flexbox, etc.

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bootstrap-studio f.e. is based on bootstrap 3 too, but it has a CSS-Editor, where you can put in flexbox-code. And its working fine. Webflow is based on Bootsstrap too, there flexbox is fully integrated in the GUI, nice solution. But for both tools you need some knowledge of HTML and CSS. Btw. Webflow is free!
Blocs is just for newbies and prototyping. There is missing too much for web workers.

@mattyNZ Once Bootstrap 4 at least gets into beta I will start to develop integration into Blocs, Im already making a number of back end changes to make the migration a little more stream lined, but right now its a waste of time working on integrating a product thats still in the alpha stages. I don’t see any reason why Flexbox wont be added in some form.

@Horman I appreciate what you are saying, but you also have to consider both of the tools you mention have been around a lot longer than Blocs. WebFlow is free but the moment you want to actually use your site, you need to sign up for monthly payments, which (when I last checked) accumulates to more than the cost of Blocs in a single year, not to mention the fact it doesn’t work offline.

Blocs will continue to grow and embrace more and more new features with every release. It just takes time, not to add the features but to think about how to add them and make sure they are a good fit for the way Blocs works.


Thanks Norm, Keep up the good work!


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Thanks a lot norm, I appreciate your effort to make more powerful Blocs but also easy for beginners. Good work!


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However that’s CSS3 Flexbox not Bootstrap’s FlexBox implementation. They plan on supporting it when Bootstrap 4 officially releases.

BSS Developer: I am also looking forward to the Bootstrap 4 and flexbox. We are planning to support it in Bootstrap Studio as soon as it is released. [link]

And yes, Bootstrap Studio does have raw CSS editing but you need to actually know CSS. So it’s not really the same as Blocs where it offers users a simple UI dialog for working with CSS without touching the code. Even though not all CSS is currently supported in Blocs via the UI.

For the record: Webflow predates Bloc’s by a year at August 2013, while Bootstrap Studio postdates Bloc’s by a year and was released in October of 2015, Bloc’s was released in December 2014. :wink:

Right, but you can use it, and live preview. Yes, you should learn a little CSS3, but its worth it.

Thats why you have to touch the code in an editor anyway.

What you mean, I should wait three or four more years to have a usable tool.

@Blocs_User isn’t bootstrap studio built on top of a previous app? Unless I have it mixed up with another? Are they the guys who also make foundation studio?

@Horman [quote=“Horman, post:8, topic:210”]
What you mean, I should wait three or four more years to have a usable tool.

If you feel Blocs is unusable, we can refund you immediately, no problem. Would you like me to progress with that?

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Cool down man, no reason for refunding, for prototyping its ok.

@Horman ok no problem, Im just trying to give you good customer service. I appreciate Blocs is a not good match for everyone, Id rather have happy users and offer refunds in cases were words like unusable are used.


No that’s all they have. I think maybe you’re thinking of Coffee Cup Software? They keep building apps that look the same but are targeted for separate stuff, but the UI gets reused for each new app. They have Foundation Framer and BootStrap Builder which are all built on top of other previous tools, they have been around since 1996. So maybe you were thinking of them?

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I understand your point of view. In fact I was speaking a lot of my own progression with my thoughts of Bloc’s in the other thread, concerning frustration, impatience, etc. But I have realized Bloc’s place and accepted that over time. That’s how I was able to write that post in the way I did. Bloc’s is a good app with a solid purpose and what I believe is bright future, regardless of possible current frustrations.

As you know other alternatives exist. I own Blocs, BootStrap Studio and Pinegrow, in addition to using editors like Atom, Brackets, etc., Blocs can have limitations, but it’s users can overcome those limitations post export if needed and they have the ability, or use other solutions all together if desired or required.

I whole heartily agree people should learn HTML, CSS, JS, native use of libraries and frameworks, either outright or as they have time to do so. I 100% encourage that. Having that knowledge you are no longer limited to an app, or can leverage any app more fully. But in the mean time, certain people like what Bloc’s offers as a simple interface to make modern looking responsive websites without needing to dig deeper into code if they don’t want. Hopefully though they can get intrigued and inspired to want too learn more because of using Bloc’s however. Nothing wrong with that.

Eventually Blocs will become more robust concerning features, abilities, documentation, etc.

@horman I feel like you are where I was at with my thinking a few months back, I was quite frustrated too, wanting to push Bloc’s along and perhaps be something it’s currently not or ready to be. But then I accepted Bloc’s for what it is in it’s own app space, it has a bright future ahead I am sure, with time more features and flexibility will no doubt come. I just want it to be the best it can be.

yes thats it, my apologies, I was thinking of the Coffecup WYSIWYG editor.

Blocs_User, I totally agreed with you. Hey everyone, just look: http://сто-металлик.рф It’s Blocs based website, I’ve made. Still in progress but I have to say it looks pretty damn good :thumbsup: As you can see there I’ve used some cool features that Blocs doesn’t have. And such things differ this website from other Blocs websites. Don’t you think so? ))) So what I want to say. If you want to create more, just add external plugins, scripts and more by your hand )) Of course, you’ll need some html, css, javascript experience.

Norm, I beleave that with new versions of Blocs you’ll create the best offline software for responsive websites creation :v:

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Great site BTW.

You really must submit this to Portfolio website made with Blocs

Thanks )) I’ll do it a little bit later

Nice user name @blocs-user :wink:

Curious, what’s your workflow, just Blocs or external edits – are you using the HTML Widget Bric and adding resources and code via the page settings as needed, or are you just doing external after export edits?

Only after exporting project ))