Form questions

A couple questions regarding forms:

  1. Can make the Option Select bric a mandatory field?
  2. How do I make a security question? To make sure a human is filling out?



@Bill created a bric for point 2)

On that first point I think the visitor is forced to make a selection by default.

How many widgets do you wish to purchase? Select option 1,2, 3 or 4.

The question can be changed to whatever fits your requirements.

Thanks, I will check out the recaptcha Bric.

@Flashman not sure how to set the question up. How does the form know what is correct answer?

Your questions might be something like: “organisation type” which you add as a label.

Immediately below that, you add the option selection bric. Now go to the side panel and click on the Open Select Editor. From here you edit your possible answers with each one given a value. It’s explained here

When you email comes through it tells you which option the user selected.

Thanks. I see what you mean but the email still is sent. I’d like a form of validation so the email cannot be sent unless the user answers the correct question. Otherwise you are opening yourself up for spam, scrapers, etc.

I think we are talking at cross purposes. Bills reCAPTCHA bric will help you avoid spammers. The option select bric you asked about is simply a means of asking questions in forms and not intended to deal with spam.