[Freelance Request] Can Anyone Make This?

I created this design and I want it to be turned into a blocs website. It is a one-page website, and I can provide the assets.
Can anyone do this? If so, how much would it cost?

Thank you in advance.

NOTE: Sorry of I can’t reply to messages. Blocs has blocked me from sending messages for 14 hours.

Absolutely. I’ve done some crazy stuff in blocs. Yours looks way easier and more enjoyable to create than those :grinning:

There is login link in navigation. Any plans to extend blocs output with cms?

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The login button will be linked to a white label dashboard for my clients on a different website (Cyfe.com).

Do you think you could create a website like this?

Yes. And It’ll be done In a matter of few days. Share more details with me via PM and i can start right away.

Out of curiosity, what aspects or features of this design are you yourself having trouble creating with Blocs. Causing you to want to hire someone to make it for you?

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I am having trouble with the background only. I can do everything else. I’m just having trouble with the background. Do you know how to achieve this effect?

I would suggest similar as was described by @webdeersign in your other thread.

How To: Modern Background Effect

I would add the following:

You could either make the background images a size to fit the entire Bloc including white space. Or you could just create the shapes (without excessive white space this would save on image size) and set a position in the sidebar > background > style. You can also do the same by giving each Bloc a class, then via the Class Manager assign a background image along with a position the same way in your custom class. Either way will allow you positions to choose from, so you can position your shapes as your background where you want them for each Bloc.


Hello bigo,

If you take a look at my remarks in the attached image, you will find the basics are not that difficult.
You might have to adjust the images and custom classes for the different break point views.

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Thanks, I sent you a PM. :smiley: