FTP client help

Hi all,

Looking for a good ftp client, which one do you all recommend? and also what is the best way of uploading this…any tips? back it all to google drive 1st and upload from there etc?

Thanks all.

I think you mean FTP Client and you don’t need anything particularly flashy unless you are using this regularly on a professional basis.

Forklift 3 is very good and it was on sale until a few days ago but back at $29. https://binarynights.com/store. It’s still a good buy even at the normal price.

Forklift 2 is pretty old now but may suffice and it’s free on the App Store:

Transmit is good, but I am not enamoured with their pricing.

Those are basically the two serious paid apps and while there are other options none seem to crop up so regularly in conversation.

I gather you can actually use Filezilla or Cyberduck for free and they are probably all you need for basic transfers.

In terms of best practice there is no great magic here. Just export the project to a local folder so you see various html files, just like you would with RW. Now connect to the server with your FTP app and drag the items from the local folder to the server destination.

Naturally you should always have project backups, including all your images, project file and other resources. I do that through SuperDuper, Time Machine, BackBlaze and iCloud, but I’m not paranoid like some!


Brilliant - thanks for this,

Yeah I did mean client ! i have changed this (so it helps anyone else who is searching)

Hi! I tried many clients in the last years. In my opinion Transmit is the best.

My vote for ForkLift, I recently updated to 3 due to a very good price. The sync features are excellent, and I love the feature of not having to open forklift to sync test / client sites.


Forklift user here too. Love it, so I keep it.

I use Cyberduck. If you order through the mac app store it will be one price, but you can download it from their website free of charge and later you can make a donation to get a full licence. Got to be worth trying before you buy!

I noticed that a number of web hosts are actually including a cyberduck installation file for ftp accounts. You just download the file from the web host, double click it and it sets up the FTP account in the app automatically.

These are the options available in cPanel.

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Filezilla. Free.

Transmit for me, but @Malachiman can you explain exactly this feature please?

The Synclet feature is what I am talking about @Pealco . Flippen awesome.

For what I understand you pre-defined a X local folder to sync with a Y host folder, and you give it a name like “XY sync”. Then you go to Forklift in the menu bar and press that specific template sync. Is that it?

Yes, and you dont need to even launch Forklift.

I basically export a test site from Blocs and select the Sync Name I want and let it run in the background.

Saves a lot of time. For small sites its already Synced by the time I bring up Safari and go to the URL.

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I suppose some kind of honourable mention should go to Fetch FTP for simply still being there after all these years. It’s solid and simple to use, but nowhere near the kind of features you find in Forklift or Transmit. It’s $29 normally, however free for educational users.

You’r right, I already send an email asking for this feature in Transmit for Panic team… let’s see… Thank you for point me in this direction.

Wow, Fetch FTP was updated to 64bit and has dark mode support.

Insane, right? Last time I used Fetch I was still rocking OS9 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I believe Fetch started life in the 1980s. The last time I used it was a couple years ago after struggling to connect to a client’s server using Yummy where none of the configuration options were working for some reason. Fetch connected first time without any fuss and it’s still a solid app.

@Malachiman I’ve been wanting to set something like this up. I get tired of opening, and logging in to update a site. Went to the help and it’s pretty easy to set up. Did a test and it works great! No more opening forklift!

Thank you for pointing us to how this works.

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It’s brilliant aye. I only discovered it recently myself.

For sure! Already set up about half of my clients sites. I had been searching for how to have forklift save my login. This is even better.