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Hi everyone, this isn’t exactly a Blocs issue but I’m trying to get a link to my customer of a site I’m working on before I publish it so they can see it before it’s published.

I wrote in about this a few weeks ago and got some help from a couple people who suggested I make a new folder on my server, upload the files to that folder and then give the link to my customer. So I think I’ve done that but nothing shows up when I type in the url. I don’t know how to do this so I’m pulling my hair out!

I have a shared Hostgator account right now, I’ve made a subdomain name in my main account, then I uploaded the files to that folder. Now, how do I get the preview site to show up?

Thanks so much,


Hello @annette0216 can you type your subdomain so we can check?

Hi, I created a subdomain, I think like you mentioned in your post to me a couple weeks ago;


I didn’t make the other folder at the end like you mentioned, named JD. But I made the subdomain “preview”

and did you put all files and folders that are created in blocs when you choose the export option?
just to make sure that the files and folders have to be in the root of that subdomain.

Ok, I did the export from Blocs, then uploaded them directly into:


I can see them there, I just don’t know how to display them.

Just as a suggestion I wouldn’t bother with subdomains if you plan to do this for others. I keep a single domain for testing and upload each client site to a separate folder then send them the link, which is simply the domain name followed by the folder name.

Is not to the public_html, in your tree you should have a folder preview.pdqlitho.com and Is for that folder that you have to put all the files that were exported from Blocs.

Ok, when I created the subdomain, I think it created that folder for me and it wasn’t under the public_html folder. I uploaded the files to that folder also, but still couldn’t get them to show up. I’ve tried typing:


Am I on the right path there?

So right now the files are listed in both folders:

preview.pdqlitho.com and under the public_html. Maybe thats messing things up, but I couldn’t get anything to show up when the files are in either place.

have you a cpanel to manage your hosting?

Yes, I’m using it with Hostgator

ok I’ll help you solve it…
Go to subdomains and delete the preview.pdqlitho.com with the trash bin in the right side…

Ok, I’ve deleted it

now do like this:

But you will have the domain pdqlitho.com instead of webtekpc.pt

Right, that’s how I created the subdomain originally

Should I recreate it?

Yes follow all those steps…

Then in your folder you will find the following folder:

Delete the cgi-bin folder and put all files and folders in the main folder preview.pdqlitho.com

Ok, I’ll do that and be right back

Ok, I’ve done that. Now what do I type in to see the site?

I’m trying to see your site but is not working, did you copy the files to the folder that I told you?
Tell me what files you copy to the folder.

Just to clarify a couple things, this is just a preview of a site, it’s not a working site yet so I don’t need to point any DNS to hostgator yet, correct?