Full Screen Slider please!

I have so many wishes now! Haha majority of them are not yet implemented hehe hope this will come atlast. Haha


Also, a responsive slider which helps the photo on slide fill the size instead of resizing it to make it responsive hehe

My creative now with Blocs is lacking hehe kindda using a template uhhhhh

I need to try out something new… as of now I’m happy with whats happening with Blocs but I’m not satisfied of the current updates. I want something useful when it comes to designing and I think thats what the app is about. Design without knowing how to code. But now everything is limited. :frowning:

Apologies on my excessive talking and ranting hehe I’m just being honest right now. I love the app so much and I don’t want to lose its power and still name it as the best app around.

Last night I was planning to redo 2 sites of mine to Muse again. Uhhhhh it hurts my heart. :frowning:

I don’t want everyone to get bored with the app because nothing is new when it comes to components and it being so limited.

Last week I consulted someone here who I know is an avid Blocer but on some point the focus began fading and now he seems using other options and not blocs anymore :frowning:

Hi @mackyangeles,

I’m just curious. :wink:

Do you use the core package or buy additional add-ons ?

So what are they planning to use alternatively ?

Do you have a updated detailed list of feature desires ?

PS: :grimacing: Mobirise, yuck.

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Hi @Blocs_User,

I do buy additional add-ons which I dislike on the Muse Software but for some website some our free to implement and others are inside the software already.

I can’t name the exact alternative because that person will know that I was naming “_” as an example hehe

I have a list alright. Can’t name the detailed list already because its alot, but how I wish to have more components and structures to expand people’s creativity using the app.

But don’t take this post a wrong way. I love Blocs and I will be a Blocs user as long as I will live. This is just an open letter for realization. :slight_smile: sorry @Norm I will support you and the team all the way. No doubts :slight_smile:

It’s hard to see right now but a lot of the work that went into the last update will play a huge role in the future of Blocs and it’s expandability, rather than keep Blocs a product that only I can add features too, I’ve started the big process of opening Blocs out to be expandable by 3rd parties.

Going forward this will broaden what is possible in Blocs exceptionally, unfortunately it just takes time to get all the relevant tools in place to do it.

But I agree, a lot of what Blocs has received in updates in the last 12 months has been more about the overall usage of the app rather than layout functionality, things like redesigning the sidebar, redesigning the Asset Manager and adding page template support are not that glamorous but have been huge tasks that have made a big difference to how people experience using Blocs in general.

But going forward, deeper layout controls, more Blocs, Brics and templates are definitely all coming.


You should also send me your wish list so I can get an idea of what you feel Blocs lacks.


I understand Norm, Sorry for me being not satisfied like before that I’m excited on every updates. I want to use the app over all but the creative is very limited. You will notice what is built with Blocs (being same on layouting and functions) hehe so I would like to avoid that. I’m having inquires already and I notice that my usual respond is “unfortunately Blocs is limited with its function” so definetly I had that realization last night. :frowning:

I will list down all the wishlist again… still hoping for full creative options and without limitations.

Thanks Norm for all the work and updates that I’ve seen using Blocs. The vision from day one was to design a great looking website without knowing how to code. I think that’s what has drawn many users to Blocs.

With respect to @mackyangeles I think with his design skills and client base, might have the need for more features. I do think his assessment is a little unfair. Mackyangeles has displayed to the forum some amazing looking websites built with Blocs. I think mackyangeles has been a huge contributor in helping to shape Blocs.

All of the Blocs users should recognize the ongoing efforts Norm has implementing new features and show more patience going forward. Norm has demonstrated his patience (even with me) time and time again with this forum.

Thanks Norm, keep up the great work. We all look forward to the possibilities in the next version.



I super agree to that! @Norm is an awesome guy and he’s being helpful alot. I will support him no matter what. I love what he’s doing and appreciate his dedication. Thank you @Norm for everything super! :slight_smile:


I think when the Brics builder will be out of the alpha status in some months there will come out a lot of new brics. It will be a good idea to post your whishlist here. I plan to create some free brics.


I’ll create a separte post here for wishlist :blush:


I’m interesting for “full screen slider”…follow


Earlier today a 3rd party developer showed me a preview of a full screen hero slider Bric he has created! I think its almost ready for release, so it looks like you will be getting your wishes a lot sooner than you thought :wink:


Thanks @Norm, yes the bric is almost ready :grinning: I’ll probably create a separate post tomorrow with preview etc. Glad to know that a full page slider is in many wishlists!


Can’t wait!!! :heart_eyes:


It’s really cool, some nice delayed swipe effects on mobile too.


Just opened this threat on the new slider: Swiper [Teaser]