GDPR checkbox required for visualize social button

Hi @Norm.

Sorry for the English, I use a translator.

This issue is somewhat tedious, but now the clients have the GDPR as news.

The GDPR requires that for a user of a website to click on a social button (eg Facebook or Instagram) must be warned that if it is a plugin to “like” the user must be satisfied with the data capture personal that for the provider of the social network and for that it occurs to me to put a required checkbox that must be validated to be able to click or to visualize the button of the plugin.

The same happens if you press the social button only to access the network (Facebook or Instagram) without plugin and want our website, because by doing so the provider of the social network collects data from the user who has entered from our website.

One could contemplate in BLOCS the possibility that to visualize a button (of the plugin or access to the social network), the required checkbox is marked by the user and if it is not marked, then it is not displayed the button and therefore the user could not access the social network.

I leave a video with what I have done on a website about what was discussed (missing the required checkbox):

Thank you for your great work and for your help.

Sorry I’m not sure what type of request this is?

Sorry @Norm , I have not managed to explain myself correctly.

It is something similar to the current mandatory checkbox for sending a form.

It is that there is the possibility of putting a checkbox that is mandatory to mark so that a user of the web can connect with social networks from our website.

That is to say that the user can only access, for example to Facebook, if he has checked the compliance checkbox, in case of not doing it or it could be accessed.

I hope I have succeeded in explaining my request of desire.

This may be something you will need to integrate yourself for now, it may require additional resources and control entry points, I’ll focus on broadening those to make integration easier.

In the meantime using the toggle visibility interaction on a button to show hide the social sharing controls, seems like it will meet regulations.

Thanks @Norm .

The video I left earlier is how I have solved it.

The proposal that I have passed on to you, is because the clients are very concerned with the GDPR, and they are starting to want all kinds of controls. Everything seems little to them.

As I said at the moment I have it solved through the interaction of visibility with warning message.

Thank you for your interest and attention.


Hi @Norm,

I would really appreciate the easy solution for GDPR checkbox (i.e. according to the law GDPR notice).
Something similar solution, as “Warning we are using cookie.” Maybe any popup window solution?
This is compulsory in the EU.

Better rules for small business

Stronger rules on data protection from 25 May 2018 mean citizens have more control over their data and business benefits from a level playing field. One set of rules for all companies operating in the EU, wherever they are based. Find out what this means for your SME.

More info here.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear @Norm,

I could ask for an answer?

I think, It would be a great help for all Blocsapp user in the EU.
One popup window with checkbox and / or “OK” button and some customizable text.
The position of the popup window could be center or in the footage.
That window would be at the top, until the visitor accept the privacy statement (GDPR notification).


you also can have a look here:

When you have a simple popup, this is not enough because in the background the IP address is already transferred to the social media companies. A solution which interrupts this, is of my actual knowledge very complicated. So better creating new social media brics.

Hi Claude,
Thank you for your answer.

At this moment I don’t have webshop, mail list and no possibility to registration on my site.
I’m not handling and I don’t store personal information. The law is very long and contains too many technical terms. I definitely would to comply with the obligation to provide information.
However, the data protection information (privacy statement) is mandatory.
Until there is a perfect solution, a popup window it would be a big step forward.

I’m still waiting for @Norm positive response.
I saw the latest beta (2.5.3 Beta Build 5) contains something about the GDPR, but I can’t find.

A pop up that shows before the site loads? Why is that required for GDPR?

• I’ve added support for desktop fonts so you don’t need to use Google fonts for your site.

• I’ve added checkbox required and custom validation messages to forms to help with GDPR email collecting.

• Google analytics offers support for an anonymous tracking mode.

• use the hide/show interaction for share buttons to get consent.

With all of this, why have a popup on your site?

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A pop up that shows before the site loads? Why is that required for GDPR?

Not exactly. After the loads, required a very clearly visible (almost intrusive) notification about GDPR privacy statement. The visitor must accept it. Questioned what is the prefer solution. Checkbox or enough the “OK” button and naturally need the link(s) to privacy statement.
As long as the visitor(s) doesn’t accept it, it should be well visible (always on top). Because not enough to place in the footer.
it would be better a complete solution, like “Gallery”, “Brands” or “Footers” with one click solution.

I’m very happy with webfont support. I requested this approx one years ago. :slight_smile:

(Popup or even on top like this:)always_on_top

Yeah its been something I’ve wanted myself for a long time! Was nice to have a reason to bump it to the front of my work load.

The popup you describe, what would happen when the uses agrees?

Until officially the operators of the Social Networks clarify that just by loading a page that carries plugins of social networks, in my pages has been implemented the interaction hide / show buttons social actions as well as the gadget of the operators.

See implementation in the footer of this webpage here:

The popup you describe, what would happen when the uses agrees?

I personally do nothing. This is the law. Mandatory information. The visitor receive the clearly visible notification and can read the privacy statement. If accept (checkbox or “OK” button), can continue to read the website. If the visitor can’t accept then move along. Its very simple.

Data protection is not enough.
The notification and public information is also very important

See implementation in the footer of this webpage here:


Yeah, I thought something similar. :slight_smile:

A popup does not actually meet the criteria regarding GDPR, because the page has already loaded and all data is collected IP etc.

Are you talking GDPR or Cookie law here? Cookie popovers can be easily added with the page attachments settings. There are plenty of free scripts for this.

No, I’m not talking about cookie law. I’m talking about the GDPR.
The notification is mandatory. I’m wrote only similar style notification as.

I’m sorry, I’ve written this several times.
I’m only designer, and I don’t want to spend more time than necessary.
I love the Blocsapp why I dont need to manipulate the code.
I like the quick page creation, I like make to create a gallery. But I don’t like many post production.
I don’t want to use scripts.

I like this:
" NO CODING You don’t need to understand or use any coding to build a website with Blocs."

I don’t think it’s particularly relevant to have checkboxes for social media accounts. For users to use social media features it’s normal for them to have to log into their account after clicking the link in a website. By having an account and using their credentials to sign in, they are automatically consenting to the privacy terms of the relevant social network. Where there may be an issue is if your website is displaying feeds from social networks. Users who appear in the feed may not have explicitly consented to you displaying their comments/info. Personally, I’ve advised all our clients to take social network links off their sites - these networks are becoming a little anti-social these days and many businesses don’t want the association any more.

Maybe I wrote wrong thread. I don’t talk about social media.
I talk about only GDPR law requirements.

You mentioned Facebook and Instagram - are they not social media platforms?